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Easy to learn synergy of authentic Japanese and Korean martial arts, power yoga and meditation.

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Budokon Weight Loss System DVD

Budokon Weight Loss System The results come from an utterly changed sense of self, a realization that you have become the true master of your body and mind.

Cameron Shayne's 12-week weight loss program keeps his celebrity clients coming back — and in the best shape of their lives — by going beyond the groundbreaking Budokon Beginning Practice DVD. You'll not only harness the triple power of martial arts, yoga and meditation, but also the two other essential elements of the Budokon method: holistic nutrition and self-empowerment coaching, to enable your weight loss success on more levels, inside and out, than with any other kind of weight loss program.

Cameron's approach creates self-confidence and self-reliance like you've never felt before. This Gaiam-exclusive system of tools and options gives you everything you need not just for quick results, but also for lifelong success.

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