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Tai Chi - the art of 'meditation in motion’. Generations of Chinese believe that correct body movement and posture is synonymous with good vitality. Tai Chi has its roots in martial arts.


Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility DVD

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility DVD
Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility

Discover improved balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility at any age with gentle therapeutic Tai Chi-inspired exercise from America's premier Tai Chi and fitness expert, Scott Cole.

Guiding you through a delectable continuum of breath, movement, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, stretching, and chair exercise, Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility delivers easy-to-follow effective exercises to help prevent falling, while improving overall balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Great for beginners, older adults, and physically challenged, this workout is both fun and effective! The latest release in the top-selling Discover Tai Chi series (Back Care, AM/PM, Weight Loss, and Beginners), Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility features Claire Karstadt, an older adult, whose inspiring story and glorious movement and energy will uplift anyone who has "lost hope" of finding better balance.

"It is my experience that people of any age or compromised fitness level can vastly improve their balance with this program. Believe, breathe, and most of all, enjoy!!!" Scott Cole.

Scott Cole and his innovative work have been featured in over 500 publications worldwide (including The Wall Street Journal), on LIVE with Regis and Kelly, CNN Headline News, The View, The Doctors, E!, HGTV, The Food Network, and more. A pioneer of mind/body exercise, Scott has lectured in over 30 countries, increasing wellness literacy for people of all ages.

35 mins. (2010)
DVD - All Region

Tai Chi for Beginners with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen DVD

Tai Chi for Beginners with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen DVD
Tai Chi for Beginners with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen

Anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.

Widely recommended by wellness experts, including the Mayo Clinic, Tai Chi’s low-impact movements are perfect for consumers fearful of injury from more strenuous exercise.

But learning the correct form, sequence, and breathing requires expert instruction. In this beautifully produced program, beginners learn from one of the world’s top Tai Chi instructors. His five decades of experience and the program’s special features ensure a successful, rewarding experience.

Video: 67 mins. (2009)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Tai Chi: The Empowering Workout with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson DVD

Tai Chi: The Empowering Workout with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson DVD
Tai Chi: The Empowering Workout with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

The beauty and the power of Tai Chi Chuan is created in the way that one moves.

In essence, the mastery of one move is far superior to the learning of a hundred moves. The purpose of this program is not to teach a series of complicated postures, but to simplify and clarify the physical, energetic and mental dynamics that empower the beautiful movements of Tai Chi Chuan.

The first section explores the structural mechanics that are universal to all Tai Chi styles. Section two loosens and lubricates all the joints of the body. Section three integrates the structural mechanics into ten Tai Chi postures. The final section combines mind intent and inner body skill to maximize the strength, energy, and circulation of power flowing throughout all Tai Chi Chuan movements.

Video: 94 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

Element: Tai Chi for Beginners DVD

Element: Tai Chi for Beginners DVD
Element: Tai Chi for Beginners
Tai Chi is well-known for bringing the mind, body, and spirit together to gain balance, prevent injury, and promote good health.

Filmed on a tranquil location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this program features two practices that offer personal one-on-one instruction and will allow you to experience the many layers of benefits this martial art has to offer.

The first practice will revitalize and energize using the principles of Qi Gong. This Qi Gong series will focus on the breath and energy flow to prepare your mind and body for Tai Chi.

In the second practice you will learn Tai Chi postures step-by-step, and then use these ancient flowing movements together in a moving meditation designed to increase the body’s natural energy. This powerful Tai Chi sequence will help clear your mind, reduce stress, enhance flexibility, and promote overall wellness.

Starring: Samuel Barnes. Element is proud to support the Arbor Day Foundation. For every four Element DVDs purchased, a tree will be planted (up to 20,000 trees annually). In addition to generating oxygen, trees provide air pollution control and decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide levels thereby reducing global warming.

Video: 57 mins. (2009)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout DVD

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout DVD
Discover Tai Chi for Back Care

Breathe, move, balance, relax, energize, and let go of back tension and pain with Scott Cole and Discover Tai Chi for Back Care.

Back stress, pain, and stiffness often result from inactivity, stagnant energy, poor circulation, and repetitive one-dimensional physical patterns.

Move gently out of your rut with Scott Cole and the graceful healing art of Tai Chi as you breathe new life and Chi (energy) into your back and entire body, while improving overall strength, mobility, and flexibility.

With frequent practice this easy-to-follow program will help relieve back pain, release frozen joints, and restore your energy to its natural free-flowing state, bathing our body, mind, and spirit in a series of back-healthy Chi Kung and Tai Chi-inspired movements, stretches & postures.

Video: 60 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts DVD

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts DVD
Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts

From waking up to winding down, Discover Tai Chi AM/PM with Scott Cole has two complete easy-to-follow workouts designed to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and energy flow, while letting go of stress and anxiety.

AM (Morning) Workout - Greet the new day as you experience strength in slow motion with an empowering blend of gentle flowing Chi Kung exercises and graceful grounded Tai Chi postures. The workout concludes with light stretching and a relaxing focused meditation to help you ease into your day with centered balance and enthusiasm.

PM (Evening) Workout - Clear out tension and stress as you open up your “Chi” to “let go” of the day - lengthening the spine, alleviating pent-up anxiety with a blend of Tai Chi postures, Chi Kung, movement therapy, light stretching, and a quiet guided imagery session with Scott that will help you breathe better, sleep better, and balance body, mind, and spirit.

Video: 71 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi For Beginners DVD

Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi For Beginners
Tai Chi For Beginners

Discover your potential as you become inspired by better balance, renewed strength, soaring confidence, improved flexibility, and reduced stress with Scott Cole and Discover Tai Chi for Beginners.

Ease into the moment, leaving your stress-filled agenda far behind as you follow Scott through a seamless journey of healing Chi Kung exercises and easy-to-follow Tai Chi postures designed to open up energy channels, improve breathing and posture, strengthen your core and leg base, and inspire you to move gracefully like a tree in the breeze!

The Discover Tai Chi series is filmed in studio and on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, and is part of the Scott Cole Wellness Series. “Chi Man” Scott Cole considers no audience off-limits.

A top wellness expert, lecturer and motivational speaker in over 30 countries, Scott is a former National Aerobic Champion, star of Abs of Steel, and is a pioneer of mind/body exercise. A regular on television (LIVE with Regis and Kelly, The View, The Early Show, CNN Headline News, The Food Network, HGTV, E!, Soap Talk), Scott has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal for the Discover Tai Chi DVD series, received the NAPPA Award for his Get Fit America for Kids DVD, and is an author (Athletic Abs, Human Kinetics 2002) and contributor to over 500 publications worldwide.

Video: 55 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

The Method: T'ai Chi DVD

The Method: T'ai Chi
Method: T'ai Chi

Beginner’s level. Let your mind lead you to a better body, through these simple, effective, easy-to-follow exercises.

T’ai Chi is an easy to implement, yet extremely beneficial exercise program consisting of 60 short, simple movements known as the Yang Style Short Form. This program provides an informative, easy-to-understand introduction to the art and practice of T’ai Chi.

This DVD starts with the first 20 movements; the fundamental segment of the Short Form. Claire Hooton, your host and teacher, is a disciple of the late Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing and has been teaching T’ai Chi for over thirty years.

DVD Features: Claire Hooton Biography; and DVD incorporates the “Reverse View” method, placing you right behind teacher Claire Hooton, not just in front of her.

THE METHODology: The Method® is known for its quality, technique, and unique style. Our instructors are certified with extensive training and teaching experience to deliver challenging yet easy-to-follow workout routines that are rooted in mind, body fitness. The Method® workouts are a great way to work out your total body — upper, lower, abs and core! 60 mins.

Video: (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more ...)

Scott Cole: Millennium Stretch DVD

Scott Cole: Millennium Stretch
 Millennium Stretch

Join Scott Cole on a multi-dimensional journey of proven relaxation techniques – in a comprehensive 2-hour array of workout options that can be customized to fit your own schedule and fitness needs.

From standing and seated stretching options to partnered or individual workouts, Millennium Stretch Classic Gold Edition has something for everyone and is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

The Original Millennium Stretch Workout: Feel the stress melt away as you explore transformational movement therapy, qigong, tai chi, yoga, stretching and guided imagery. This delectable blend of healing arts is designed to improve flexibility and release blocked energy.

Millennium Stretch for 2 - Partnered Relaxation: Pair up for increased strength, flexibility, body awareness and trust. Couples, friends, family members, trainers and clients – any two people can enjoy this powerful program. Beyond the 8 Poses of Empowerment: Explore the mysteries of Scott’s world-renowned 8 Poses – what they are, where they come from and how they can work for you.

Video: 120 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

Gentle Tai Chi DVD

Gentle Tai Chi
 Gentle Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a popular form of fitness training that improves balance, muscle tone, flexibility as well as increases mental fitness. By calming the mind, you can enhance memory, increase alertness and focus, experience muscle relaxation, develop a sense of inner peace, reduce physical, emotional and mental stress, and heighten spatial awareness. This easy to learn video contains a warm-up routine, instruction of 12 traditional Tai Chi movements, the Gentle Tai Chi routine, and an additional seated version of the Gentle Tai Chi routine.

Video: 60 mins.
DVD - All Region

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