Dance tempi in measures per minute as recommended by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. The Standard Ballroom Dances are those dances which have not only survived the test of time but have been danced continuously since their inception. A dancer who understands the similarities as well as the differences of all the social dances can readily recognize and adapt as new dances appear on the scene. Frequently, people are not aware of the gradual but continuous change that takes place in all the standard dances.

Foxtrot30-32 MPM28-30 MPM
Peabody60-62 MPM-
Quickstep-50-52 MPM
Tango30-32 MPM33 MPM
Viennese Waltz54-58 MPM56-60 MPM
Waltz28-30 MPM28-30 MPM
Bolero24-26 MPM-
Cha Cha28-30 MPM32 MPM
Hustle28-30 MPM-
Jive-44-46 MPM
Mambo58-60 MPM-
Merengue29-32 MPM-
Paso Doblé58-60 MPM60-62 MPM
Polka60-62 MPM-
Rumba32-36 MPM26-27 MPM
Samba52 MPM48-50 MPM
Swing34-36 MPM-
West Coast Swing28-32 MPM-

MPM is measures per minute.