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Qigong is also spelled Chi Kung or Qi Gong. The closest translation of the word is 'energy cultivation' or 'working with energy'. Its practice in Asia dates back to 3500 to 5000 years ago. Qigong is an officially recognized means for healing and fitness in China.

Chi Kung: The Healing Workout with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson DVD

Chi Kung: The Healing Workout with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson DVD The sharpness of the mind, strength of the body, and the clarity of the spirit are all essential for health and vitality. Chi Kung exercises work on all three. Chi Kung training combines the quiescent state of meditation with graceful Ta Chi-like movements in order to form energy building exercises.

So effective are these exercises that today in China, Chi Kung is prescribed for ailments and illnesses as readily as medicine is administered in the West.

So powerful are these exercises that for centuries Martial Artists have use Chi Kung to empower their fighting and athletic abilities.

Yet these exercises are simple, gentle, easy-to-learn and are for all ages and levels of fitness and coordination.

Qigong Beginning Practice DVD

Qigong Beginning PracticeOur special 2-disk set includes insightful expert instruction in qigong technique PLUS our bonus documentary as seen on public television, revealing qigong's origins and scientific evidence of its power to heal, relieve and prevent common illnesses.

Internationally acclaimed instructors Francesco and Daisy Lee-Garriipoli guide qigong technique with clear explanation, step-by-step demonstration and a modern viewpoint. Gentle, flowing movements in sync with deep breathing rhythms and visualization techniques enhance the flow of qi, the energy that fuels the body, mind and spirit.


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