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Yoga Essentials Tools Kit

Yoga Essentials KitWhatever your level of fitness and flexibility, this kit will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of practicing yoga. All the essential tools are included for your yoga practice.

Included are 1 deluxe non-slip mat (24"x68”), 1 reinforced cotton strap with buckle (6’), 2 durable lightweight foam bricks (9”x5”x3”), and the "How to Use Props Plus Workout video" (30 mins). Bricks and mat come in purple as shown.

The Lex Loop

Lex LoopsLeslie Sansone is introducing "Lex Loops" resistance bands that comfortably attach to your ankles to increase the intensity of your exercise. You will get the results you desire by following the simple "Lex Loops" exercise routine twice a week.

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