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The fitness ball is also known by a number of different names, including balance ball, birth ball, body ball, exercise ball, fitness ball, gym ball, physioball, Pilates ball, sports ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, Swiss ball, therapy ball, or yoga ball. Get ON THE BALL. The stability ball allows you to challenge your body to its fullest range of motion using highly effective moves.

New Body! Pilates Toys with Jennifer Kries DVD

New Body! Pilates Toys with Jennifer Kries DVD
New Body! Pilates Toys with Jennifer Kries DVD

The New Body! Pilates Toys DVD with Jennifer Kries contains three fast and remarkably effective total body toning sequences that will significantly increase your core stability, balance and overall strength.

The three workouts use three different pieces of fitness equipment: the Pilates Magic Circle, a set of 3 – 5 pound hand weights, and a large stability ball.

Do them when your time is limited, or as a supplement to the Pilates mat workout if you want to supercharge the already challenging Pilates mat workouts you'll find on Jennifer's Pilates DVDs.

The Magic Circle Series: invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1930's, this amazing metal ring sculpts and tones the upper and lower body in a surprisingly gentle yet effective way. You work to your capacity as you tone and strengthen the muscles of your entire body and improve your posture while creating unmatched length and core strength. One of the most convenient ways to increase your overall isometric strength and control, the magic circle is the perfect tool for women for pre and post-natal conditioning and for men as an exceptional cross-training supplement. It travels easily and once you learn this workout, you can perform it anywhere-from your own living room to your hotel room!

The Sculpting Series: using light 3-5 lb. hand weights, tone and sculpt the entire body while improving your posture and strengthening your core. Grow taller as you learn to engage your core and the muscles of the legs to create a strong base so that you can target your arms, shoulders and muscles of the upper back more safely and effectively. Rather than simply isolating specific muscles, you will learn to use your body as an integrated whole.

The PhysioBall Series: hone your balance and coordination skills and increase your core muscle strength and stability. Learn how to literally balance your body, increasing strength in your weaker muscles so that your dominant, over-worked muscles get a chance to stretch and recharge. The physioball is the perfect tool if you suffer from chronic back pain because it offers a soft, yet supportive and welcoming surface. And if you simply want a new way to strengthen your core and stretch your spine and the muscles of your upper back and neck, this is the toy you've been looking for!

Just wait until you're introduced to the creative exercises and the variety of ways you can strengthen and tone your entire body, stimulate your lymphatic system, get your blood flowing and put a bounce in your step!

Dancer, choreographer, yoga devotee, author and Pilates master teacher, Jennifer Kries is an unparalleled innovator in the realm of alternative health and fitness. First to bring Pilates to the masses, her award-winning videos and DVDs, The Method Series, Jennifer Kries’s Pilates Method and Fox/Fit TV’s, The Method Show, revolutionized the fitness community, paving the way for the current wave of enthusiasm for Pilates mind-body exercise.

57 mins. (2011)

Joyce Vedral: On the Ball Workout DVD

Joyce Vedral: On the Ball Workout DVD
Joyce Vedral On the Ball Workout

New York Times best-selling author Joyce Vedral presents this totally new DVD workout – On the Ball – that allows new angles, new exercises and dreamy comfort with your exercise ball. At the same time it gets your entire body in shape in a very short block of workout time.

How? You do your entire workout for a given day without stopping by doing your first light weight for every exercise, then your middle weight and then your heaviest weight. It takes minutes because of all the wasted rest time being saved, and the best part: because you never rest, you burn that much more fat.

You do upper body on day one: Back, shoulders, biceps, chest and triceps. On lower body day you can do abs, butt and thighs.

Requires three sets of dumbbells ranging from light to heavy and an exercise ball.

30 mins. (2009)

Athletic Step Jam with Sharon Money Twombly DVD

Athletic Step Jam with Sharon Money Twombly DVD
Athletic Step Jam with Sharon Money Twombly DVD

This is a powerhouse cardio step workout that uses 32-64 count choreography with an athletic flair.

This workout demands maximum cardio output throughout the workout. The workout features high and low impact versions of the choreography throughout the entire workout, encouraging exercisers of all fitness levels to join in the fun.

This workout includes a bonus stability ball workout that is designed to provide a quick cardio/strengthening workout for the entire body. This DVD has multiple pre-mixes which utilize different portions of the choreography to better tailor the workout to meet individual fitness goals.

Equipment Used: Step, Stability Ball.

Sharon Money Twombly holds a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy as well as a Masters Degree in Biomechanics. Sharon works as a physical therapist. Sharon has been a fitness model in over 25 fitness videos and is an ACE certified instructor, as well as teaching fitness classes on the Main Line in the Philadelphia suburbs.

104 mins. (2009)

Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge DVD

Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge
 Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

The theme of this 3-day split resistance training workout is "heavy weight training at a slower tempo." Amy will emphasize slow reps sets in both concentric and eccentric contractions.

The goal of Slow-Mo Strength Challenge is to increase your strength by placing maximum force on the muscles. The benefits to lifting heavy are many: you will increase your metabolic rate; burn calories even at rest; add muscle definition; strengthen bone and connective tissues that protect your body from injury; create better balance and stability and, most importantly, making you feel better mentally.

Some exercises performed in this workout are: wobble hack squats, sumo squats, hammy rockers, chest around the worlds, decline triceps dips, the biceps bonfire and more! A modifier is provided for anyone choosing lighter weights.

Our NRG MIXES or premixes include three total body workouts and five other premixes varying in length to suit any workout schedule. Each workout consists of balanced muscle training with warm-up and cool-down.

Muscle groupings for 3-day split are as follows: Split one – Legs, Split two - Back and shoulders, Split three - Chest, bis and tris and Core work - As a separate chapter.

This workout features the following equipment: Step w/ 3 risers each side, Plate-loaded Bar, Heavy Dumbbells 8 to 25 pounds, Stability Ball, Resistance Band and Mat.
180 mins. (2008)

Cardio Burn Balance Ball Video

Cardio Burn Balance Ball
 Balance Ball

Challenge yourself with this cardio & strength training workout. This high-energy program efficiently integrates an intense cardio workout with strength building elements. And all of it is achieved while on or holding your BalanceBall.

Follow along with Tanja as she alternates between challenging cardio intervals and targeted strength-building sequences focusing on upper body, lower body and core. With the mountains of beautiful Sundance, Utah, in the background, this workout not only invigorates the body, but elevates the spirit as well.

Features 10, 30, and 50 minute workout options, bonus interview with Tanja Djelevic, and bonus 10 minute lower body workout.

DVD packaging is made with earth-friendly methods and materials.
95 mins. (2008)

Having a Ball with ABC: Ball Choreography with Patrick Goudeau Video

Having a Ball with ABCGetting in shape should be fun and ABC makes it easy. So if you’re not on the ball, what are you waiting for?

Start bouncing and you too will have a blast with Amazing Ball Choreography ... the dynamic cardio routine named the "Most Innovative Workout" of 2005 by Health Magazine.

Patrick Goudeau is a Nike Fitness Athlete and a former U.S. National Aerobic Champion. Patrick can be seen as one of the featured instructors on “ALL STAR WORKOUTS”, the hot new fitness workout show from The Discovery Channel/FitTV!

60 mins. (2007)

Leslie Sansone You Can Do Abs Video

Leslie Sansone: You Can Do AbsIn this series, Leslie shows that you can do the latest fitness programs, offering a fun and fast way to "get up to speed" on current health, wellness, and fitness programs ... without overwhelming you.

Leslie teaches you the most effective ways to use your stability ball, plus three different workouts that will add variety and results.

By using this video 2-3 times per week for four weeks, you can trim inches off your waistline, firm up your abdominal and back muscles, strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders, and get an effective head-to-toe strengthening workout.

This video has three progressive practice segments, each one designated to take you a step closer to greater results: Using Your Stability Ball, The Core Workout and The Upper-Body Workout.

Required equipment: Stability Ball.

36 mins. (2004) Leslie Sansone

ABC Workout: Amazing Ball Choreography with Patrick Goudeau Video

ABC Workout Amazing Ball Choreography with Patrick GoudeauHealth Magazine's Excellence In Fitness Award-winner in 2005!

This stability ball workout will put a smile on your face and the “FUN Factor” in your training! Bounce back to being a kid again … learning your ABC's was never this easy and so exhilarating! My Mom always told me to "go outside and play!" ... well, I invite you to "come inside and play!" Are you ready to roll ... let's have a BALL!

Ball not included.  45 mins.  (2003)

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