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A successful weight loss program will include exercise, lifestyle and a nutrition plan. Consult your physician before starting any diet, dance, fitness, exercise, sports or weight loss program.

The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD

The Firm: Ignite Calorie Burn DVD

With The FIRM Ignite Calorie Burn DVD, you’ll rev up your metabolism to burn more calories and lose weight!

Master instructors Emily Welsh and Rebekah Sturkie get you firmed up fast with high-energy cardio combos plus sculpting. Ignite Calorie Burn goes beyond other workouts by featuring a revolutionary technique called “Mini Bursts” – eight-second quick blast intervals followed by a short active recovery. Each burst gets your heart rate up and provides that extra push that’s key to losing weight.

With “Cardio Power Burst” and “Interval Blast” workouts, plus a bonus downloadable abs workout.

Ignite Calorie Burn

Element: Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

Element: Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

A regular yoga practice is ideal for achieving and intaining a healthy weight.

Filmed in a lush garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this dynamic yoga practice focuses on both the physical and mental factors that can affect weight.

Physically it combines active vinyasa flow sequences with strengthening poses for optimal body conditioning. The vinyasa flows elevate the heart rate and burn calories while the strengthening poses build muscle and create a more toned, streamlined physique.

Mentally this program will help develop the inner strength of self-acceptance, focus and gratitude thereby reducing stress and creating happiness from the inside out.

About the Instructor: Ashley Turner is one of the premiere yoga teachers in Los Angeles. She holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and is known for her unique approach to yoga: a combination of physical instruction and mental application to help her students channel energy, release stress and improve fitness.

Recently named “Who’s Who of Power Yoga” by Yoga Journal, Ashley has been featured in other prestigious publications such as Health, Women’s Health and Outside Magazine. With a list of clientele that includes models, Hollywood creatives, distinguished business leaders and renowned musicians, Ashley has taught yoga in group classes, international retreats, and private sessions for over ten years.

Element is proud to support the Arbor Day Foundation. For every four Element DVDs purchased, a tree will be planted (up to 20,000 trees annually). In addition to generating oxygen, trees provide air pollution control and decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide levels thereby reducing global warming.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Kettlenetics Workout System with Michelle Khai DVD

Kettlenetics Workout System with Michelle Khai

Kit Includes:
- 3 Slim & Tone Workouts
- 4 Lb. kBell
- Weight Loss Success Guide
- Free Access to The Web Club

This uniquely designed workout tool is curved, sleek and fits easily in your hand for smooth 360 degree full body-slimming movements. The Kettlenetics kBell has an offset, sure-grip handle to better maneuver through Michelle's innovative FlowMotion movement patterns. Plus, with only 4 lbs. in weight, it's light enough to swing without undue stress, yet heavy enough to provide body-shaping resistance. The kBell - your perfect hand-held gym.

Slim & Tone Workout DVD's: KB Elements - KB Elements delivers everything you need to know to get the most from your kBell. In just 20 minutes, you’ll master Michelle’s seven signature kBell moves for total body conditioning and learn correct form to protect against injury.; FlowMotion Basics - FlowMotion Basics is your first flowing workout, building on the seven sculpting signature moves from KB Elements. The continuous motion, swinging progressions and movement patterns are so fun, they don’t even feel like exercise!; Cardio Balanced - Your third workout, Cardio Balanced, is a powerful 40-minute fat burner that takes your kBell workout to the next level.

Michelle’s expert coaching guides you through new kBell moves that supercharge your metabolism, combining cardio and resistance training for serious toning and weight loss.

Kettlenetics Slim & Tone

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga DVD

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

You've witnessed extraordinary weight loss on NBC's hit show. Now you can get with the program and achieve pound-shedding results in just 6-8 weeks with the transforming power of yoga!

Start with Level 1, then progressively add on Levels 2 and 3 to up the challenge and the fat burn. You will quickly gain balance and strength as you lengthen and lean your entire body. And with "The Biggest Loser" trainer, Bob, as well as winners and finalists from the show as your motivational gurus, you will succeed!

WARM-UP (5 mins): Wake up your body and your senses with this stimulating series of gentle yoga stretches that increase blood flow and flexibility.
LEVEL 1: (Weeks 1 and 2) - Yoga Level 1 (20 mins): Activate your core and elongate your body with Bob's calorie-burning vinyasa of essential yoga poses.
LEVEL 2: (Weeks 3 and 4) - Yoga Level 2 (15 mins): Take your practice to the next chakra with "The Biggest Loser" favorite fat-blasting moves that sculpt and define lean muscle.
LEVEL 3: (Weeks 5 and 6) - Yoga Level 3 (10 mins): Follow a dynamic sequence of flowing poses that challenge your strength and stamina to shed pounds fast.
COOL-DOWN (5 Minutes): Quiet your mind and body with slow, calming stretches and experience the tranquility of this meditative cool-down.

Weight Loss Yoga

Leslie Sansone: 5 Day Slim Down DVD

Leslie Sansone: 5 Day Slim Down

Hey Everybody! Wake up and Walk! Energize your day and super-charge your metabolism with this weight loss program that has everything you need to walk off more weight.

With Leslie as your personal coach, you can walk a mile each morning and never leave your home. Choose between five different invigorating one mile walks, or combine them together for all day fat burning that doesn't stop even when you do.

As a bonus, join Leslie in the kitchen as she guides you through the five best breakfasts to fire-up your metabolism. Learn how to prepare foods the fast and easy way and energize your day - the healthy way! Now you have the Meals and the Miles ... the best way to start your day for weight loss.

5 Day Slim Down

The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout DVD

The South Beach Diet Super Charged Workout

This workout builds on the work of Dr. Arthur Agatston, who introduced the world to his infamous South Beach Diet.

The exercises presented on this program were all designed by Agatston and offer a safe, efficient and fun way to get in shape.

South Beach Diet

S.W.A.T. Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning DVD

S.W.A.T. Workout Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning

The exercises in this video are designed to help burn nine times more fat, lose two times more weight and greatly increase your metabolism. Equally suitable for beginners and advanced users, both men and women, looking to lose weight and stay healthy. Includes free bonus 6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes.

SWAT Workout

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Weight Loss DVD

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Weight Loss

Even a slight weight gain can lead to more serious health issues, so it's important to address a weight problem before it escalates. Find out why the answer isn't a "fad" diet, and learn how whole-body lifestyle changes - not just eating habits - can help steer you away from dangerous obesity.

Each program includes: An informative 30-minute conversation with Mayo Clinic Specialists; a consultation with Mayo Clinic dieticians to teach you what to eat and what to avoid with respect to your condition; an instruction by Rodney Yee which guides you through condition-specific relaxation poses and mediation exercises, designed to help relieve tension and enhance circulation; and a 52-page stress-management workbook.

Mayo Clinic Wellness

The Firm: Cardio Inferno DVD

Firm Cardio Inferno

Cardio Inferno turns up the heat on your weight loss. Designed by Master Instructor Sue Mi Powell, this blend of highly effective cardio and light sculpting moves deliver a super charged workout experience. Melt away calories with this hot new cardio workout.

Cardio Inferno

Quick Start Walking for Weight Loss DVD

Quick Start Walking for Weight Loss

With Debbie Rocker as your personal coach, you are now a lifetime athlete in training.

Join Debbie as she enthusiastically leads you through a series of cardio movements designed to continuously vary your heart rate and burn fat. This efficient “in place” workout requires nothing more than a willingness to start the DVD and join along. No special shoes, clothing or equipment are needed. It's a 25-minute workout that literally anyone can do!

Also Included – a 30-minute audio CD to take walking with you. Fitness expert Debbie Rocker is a former professional athlete and personal trainer. Debbie is the author of the book Training for Life and was one of the original developers of Spinning ®. She was recently named the Yahoo! Health Expert for Walking and Fitness.

DVD includes: Weight loss cardio workout including variations for those just getting started. PLUS! 30-minute audio CD.

Quick Start Walking

Box and Burn Workout with Lynn Hahn: Cardio Kickboxing Just for Women DVD

Box and Burn Workout with Lynn Hahn Cardio Kickboxing

This extremely effective, scientifically based, 30 minute workout is designed to burn fat and get you into your peak shape.

Lynn Hahn has been teaching this workout for over 10 years and has found that her students have burned tons of calories, increased their stamina and lost weight. They become stronger, healthier and happier. By consistently following this workout routine you'll not just get in shape, you'll be on your way to developing better health and a more positive attitude.

Combining an incredible aerobic workout with a great stretching series, Box and Burn prepares you to be able to enjoy your life. Lynn created this program to keep herself in top shape for her progress in the martial arts. She needed a program that could be done in a short amount of time and still give the benefits of a long, intensive workout. Box and Burn® is that program.

Cardio Kickboxing

Gilad Quick Fit System: 7 Fat Burning Body Sculpting Workouts DVD Set

Gilad Quick Fit System 7 Fat Burning Body Sculpting

Includes four DVD's, one CD-Rom and booklets. Each DVD is a session onto itself.

There are three cardio sessions (32-36 min.) and four muscle-toning sessions (15-20 min.). You follow these sessions in a specific order so your major muscle groups get the right workout and rest they need. This way you will develop quality muscles that will be your best tool for fat burning .... you need quality muscles to burn fat and stay lean!

Eat Right Now Plan® -  This plan is not a diet. It will teach you about proper nutrition, what to eat and how often to eat, so you feed your body the right foods for maximum results. And ... no more energy crashes during the day! When you eat right you will stay energized during the day and sleep like a baby during the night! With Gilad's eating plan, you can expect to eat more and weigh less! There is no need to diet anymore and no calories to count! You'll find everything you need in your local grocery store.

Training Program - Gilad has compiled the most efficient exercises from various styles of cardiovascular and resistance training and arranged them into one easy-to-follow system. You will transform your body by blasting calories, building lean strong muscles and increasing flexibility, quickly and safely!

The Progress Journal - most people fail here (you won't!), because they don't track their progress! In order for you to know what is working and how you can continually improve, you need a system for tracking and planning .... The Progress Journal will do that for you!

With Gilad's complete system, you will re-shape and transform your entire body safely and quickly so it burns off unwanted fat and assures you stay lean and fit forever. And it works for everybody regardless of physical condition or age, and NO MORE GUESS WORK. Just follow this simple plan; it's all laid out for you step by step! And best of all you'll feel great knowing ... You're finally doing it the right way!

Gilad: Quick Fit

Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat with Harvey Walden DVD

Fighting Fit Fighting Fat with Harvey Walden

From VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, join Gunnery Sergeant Harvey Walden IV's Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat as he instructs you in a mission to get fit and lose weight. You've seen him in action, helping celebrities lose weight and improve their fitness; now you can follow his ultimate workout yourself. Aimed at all ages and levels of fitness, this program is designed to produce a flatter, firmer stomach, toned arms, buttocks and thighs and more energy; improving fitness and creating weight loss.

Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat

Walk Away the Pounds Weight Loss Series - Walk Strong DVD

Walk Away the Pounds Walk Strong

Put some muscle into your workout with Interval Strength Training. Here’s a formula they didn’t teach you in math class: strong muscles = serious fat burning. That’s right – strength training actually helps burn those calories double time.

So what are you “weighting” for … grab those “Walk Away Weights” out of the closet. Then, you'll spice up your brisk walk with three-minute intervals of intense weight training that’ll sculpt and shape your arms, shoulders, pecs and abs while burning fat at the same time!

Plus, you’ll strengthen those all-important bones to keep your body healthy and young for years to come. You can do it all – walk for cardiovascular fitness and firm and tone that upper body without spending hours at the gym.

Walk Strong

Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds: Indoor Walk DVD

Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk

Three complete 1-mile programs! Walk your way to weight loss! Now, with Denise Austin's Blast Away the Pounds you can bring the benefits of outdoor fitness walking into your own living room!

Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk: 3 complete 1 mile programs turns up the caloric burn to shed pounds, trim inches and improve your overall health and stamina. This program offers 3 customized 1-mile walking routines. Customize and combine the workouts to attain your fitness goal. With Denise guiding your every step, you're sure to see results!

The Complete Walking Program includes:

1. Easy Walk - Tailored for those unaccustomed to regular exercise, this 15-minute walk is also the perfect calorie-burning exercise for before or after dinner. Calorie burning equivalent: 1 outdoor walking mile.
2. Fat Blasting Interval Walk - This 15-minute cardio walk gets the heart pumping, energy flowing and fat burning by alternating pace intensity and between lower-body and upper-body moves. It's the perfect metabolism-boosting workout. Calorie burning equivalent: 1 outdoor walking mile.
3. Power Walk and Tone - This vigorous 15-minute routine combines power walking and sculpting techniques to firm and tone the major muscles, while blasting away the pounds for a sleek and slender body. Calorie burning equivalent: 1 outdoor walking mile.
4. Stretch - Designed to relax and tone all major muscles and joints, this 10-minute bonus stretch is the perfect way to jump-start and unwind your day.

Special features include: Full screen version; 2.0 Dolby Stereo Surround; digital mastered; scene index; interactive menus; music-only option; customized workout; and Denise Austin trailer.

Indoor Walk

Budokon Weight Loss System DVD

Budokon Weight Loss System

The results come from an utterly changed sense of self, a realization that you have become the true master of your body and mind.

Cameron Shayne's 12-week weight loss program keeps his celebrity clients coming back — and in the best shape of their lives — by going beyond the groundbreaking Budokon Beginning Practice DVD. You'll not only harness the triple power of martial arts, yoga and meditation, but also the two other essential elements of the Budokon method: holistic nutrition and self-empowerment coaching, to enable your weight loss success on more levels, inside and out, than with any other kind of weight loss program.

Cameron's approach creates self-confidence and self-reliance like you've never felt before. This Gaiam-exclusive system of tools and options gives you everything you need not just for quick results, but also for lifelong success.

Includes: 2 DVDs with 30, 40 and 50 minute workouts; Motivating Self Empowerment & Music CD; 48-page Budokon Weight Loss Nutrition Guide; and Results-Maximizing Workout Sequencing Guide.

Budokon Weight Loss

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss with Rania: Too Hip DVD

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss with Rainia Too Hip

Combine seven easy-to-follow bellydance moves into a high-energy cardio hip hop routine. Fuse Bellydance with hip hop to tone muscles and burn fat fast.

Bellydance is one of the most ancient and evolved forms of dance in the world. It's a powerful way to lose weight because you burn calories and fat while massaging and stimulating your digestive system, which increases your metabolism.

Rania, a certified aerobics instructor and multi-award winner dancer, combines her extensive dance background and aerobics training into an award-winning bellydance routine.

Too Hip, a new intermediate-level program, uses bellydance combinations with high-energy music for a great cardio workout. The moves have been specifically chosen to sculpt and strengthen the abs, waist, arms, legs and seat with an intensity that gives you a complete aerobic workout. Tone muscles and burn fat while learning sensuous bellydance moves!

Rania Bossonis is an AFAA-certified bellydance instructor who has been dancing most of her life. Rania studied Middle Eastern dance with instructors from all over the world. She has won various awards for belly dancing and has performed on TV. Her dancing style is graceful, passionate, and mesmerizing. Her recent Bellydance for Weight Loss video was voted in the Top 10 Best Workouts of 2004.

DVD Special Features: Presented in Normal Frame and Anamorphic Widescreen; 10 Minute Bonus; Bonus Performance; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Workout to Music Without Narration; Photo Gallery; Full Motion Interactive Menus; Trailers. 

Bellydance Weight Loss

Gilad Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program DVD

Gilad Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program

Ideal for all ages, this routine is a fun, unique way to jump-start your fitness program and get back into shape. Safe and easy to follow, you begin with low-impact aerobics to burn fat.

Then a toning program firms and shapes your abdominal, chest, arms, hips, thighs and buttocks. A relaxing stretch at the end is your reward for a job well done.

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Bellydance Boogie DVD

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Bellydance Boogie

Bellydance Boogie is a new, exhilarating, dance workout that combines the sensual beauty of bellydance with the cool rhythms and beats of Hip Hop and R&B. Every muscle of the body will thoroughly be worked as you learn the more smooth and undulating hypnotic moves of bellydance. Your body will be trained to move with grace, power and femininity. Rania's elegant and precise movements are a pleasure to watch and follow as she guides you through this one of a kind workout.

DVD Special Features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Interactive Full Moon Menus; Chapter Selections; Bonus 10 Minute Workout; New Photo Gallery.

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Pure Sweat DVD

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Pure Sweat

Pure Sweat is a cutting edge, high energy aerobic workout that combines bellydance moves with hot Salsa, Rhumba and Samba dance rhythms. You will learn to move, gyrate, shake and twist all while getting a weight reducing, calorie burning, aerobic workout.

The music cleverly combines uplifting Latin American sounds with hip shaking Middle Eastern percussion. The music is hot and your feet won't stop. It's Pure Sweat, all the way through!

DVD Special Features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Interactive Full Moon Menus; Chapter Selections; Bonus 10 Minute Workout; New Photo Gallery.

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Hip Drop Hip Hop DVD

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss - Hip Drop Hip Hop

Hip Drop Hip Hop is a bellydance workout done to the driving, dance inspiring beats of Hip Hop. Rania takes you through this innovative Middle East meets West workout that fuses Hip Hop sounds with bellydance moves. As you learn actual bellydance combinations, your hips, arms, buns and tummy will thoroughly be toned and worked. You will isolate, move and work muscles you didn't know you had. Get your workout for the day as the Hip Hop music takes you away. See your weight drop as you Hip Drop!

DVD Special Features: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; Interactive Full Moon Menus; Chapter Selections; Bonus 10 Minute Workout; New Photo Gallery.

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss 4-Pack DVD Series

Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss 4-Pk

All four videos included in this gift boxed set: Bellydance Boogie, Pure Sweat, Hip Drop Hip Hop and Cardio Shimmy.

Bellydance is one of the most ancient and evolved forms of dance in the world. Universally embraced for it's incredible benefits to the body, bellydance is a powerful way to lose weight and sculpt the body. This is because bellydance not only burns calories and fat but massages and stimulates the digestive system, thereby increasing the metabolism. This is a key element to losing weight.

Join certified aerobics instructor, Rania, a multi-award winning dancer, in this unique weight loss series. Rania has combined her vast dance background, her extensive aerobics training and her award winning bellydancing flair into this fun filled dance workout.

Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD

Pilates Weight Loss

A unique system of strengthening and stretching for your entire body. This practice accommodates all fitness levels from sedentary to move physically active participants. These exercises will create a supple, leaner body, plus increase strength and stamina. With Suzanne Deason.  Includes interview and biography of Suzanne Deason, and special bonus workout.

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