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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition Articles and Resources.

  • Aspartame - NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful - safe to drink? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Body Mass Index - BMI is a simple calculation that measures your weight relative to your height. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Breakfast of Champions - Mom was right; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By Amy Parker, RD

  • Carbohydrates - Friend or foe? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Carbohydrate loading - The carbo-loading argument. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Celebration eating - Celebrations, special events, festivals are all times when we "indulge" in our favorite comfort foods. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Cholesterol free - So what? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Diets - Reshape your diet. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Eating for stress - wise food choices are the last thing on our mind when we perceive stress. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Eating Out - Fast foods and restaurants can be an obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight. Dining out poses many challenges to a healthy lifestyle. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Emotional Eating - If you find yourself at the fridge when you are mad, glad, stressed or sad, you are not eating for energy. By Amy Parker, RD

  • Fat phobia - Good fat / bad fat. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Garlic - How Garlic Can Fight and Cure Ear Infections
  • Goal Setting - With a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Got Munchies? - Don’t feel guilty about snacking between meals; it is actually a proven strategy for successful weight loss. By Amy Parker, RD

  • Halloween food hazards - Gone are the days when the “Treat” part of “Trick or Treat” was an apple, home-made baking or bag of popcorn. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Healthy Eating - What’s on Your Plate? - In our society a portion sizes have increased to the point where our dinner plates look more like platters. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Holiday food ambush - Holiday eating with dignity & health. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Holiday snacks - Almonds are a great snack for this time of the year. They are naturally high in magnesium. This keeps blood sugar regulated giving you the sustained energy you need for those crazy shopping trips and festive gatherings.
  • How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain -  Christmas season includes indulging in extra helpings, snacking on seasonal treats, and little or no workout time, all contribute to weight gain. By Lynn Bode.
  • Hydration / dehydration - Water for health and performance. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Low Carb and Low Fat Diets - are these diets a scam? By MyWebND

  • Menu planning - for the outdoor season. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Nutrition Bars - the task of choosing the right nutrition bar to meet your needs at the moment. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Nutrition jargon - What are free radicals? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Nutrition adjustment for winter - The winter season creates significant challenges to the immune system. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Optimal nutrition - Eating before, during and after exercise. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Peanut butter or pasta - Is fat the fuel of the future for runners? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Protein primer - to help the consumer sort out fact from fiction. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Protein supplement lingo - Have you ever wondered about the jargon used in protein supplement advertising? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Runner's diet - Eat to run. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Snack right - What to eat between meals. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Soy of Cooking - Soy foods have grown in popularity as consumers learn more about associated health benefits. ARA Content.
  • St. John's Wort - Nature's Prozac. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Story on Fat - Low fat, high fat, good fats, bad fats … we are overloaded everyday with information about fat. Fat is an essential element to our diet, we require certain amounts to keep us healthy. By Amy Parker, RD.
  • Supplementation 101 - Responsible supplementation is no longer an option if your objective is optimal health. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • What to eat? - Confused by recent headlines? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

Exercise and Fitness

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Bathing suits - Bathing suits and shorts season is only 90 days away. Will you look good in either? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Cardio Boxing for Super Fitness - Cardio-boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. By Gary Matthews.

  • Exercise: The Missing Piece - There are two parts to the equation when it comes to weight loss; diet and exercise. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Exercising Safely In Heat - Physical activities and playing sports in hot weather. By Lynn Bode.
  • Excuses, Excuses - It can be challenging to find the time to get to the gym to workout. By Dr. Robert OsgoodBy.

  • Fitness Ball - There are literally hundreds of different exercises that can be used with the stability ball. By Lynn Bode.
  • Fitness Videos & DVDs - Fitness videos are made by professionals and fitness trainers who have dedicated most of their lives to help people improve their health, lose weight and stay toned.
  • Four-legged Attitude - Exercise made him happy and this really was a highlight of the day. By Amy Parker, RD

  • Healthy Living - a well balanced diet and good exercise program are the building blocks of good health.
  • Heart Rate Monitor - If you want to get more exact with your precision cardio, you can use a heart rate monitor in addition to evaluating your rate of perceived exertion. By Wini Linguvic

  • Indoor Living - Improving indoor air quality. Give your home a comfort makeover this winter.

  • Motivation Tips - No matter how much you research the right exercise regime or develop the perfect nutrition plan all of this can go to waste through lack of motivation.

  • Never Too Old - At age 47, Martina Navratilova returned to Wimbledon and represented the United States at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

  • Personal Trainer - Are you unfit? Overweight? So are millions of others! Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer?

  • Twelve weeks to fitness - exercising consistently and at a consistent level will give you far better results, and that cardio-vascular workouts are just as important as weight training to achieve the body you want. By Kate and Phil Wiley.

  • Walk for Your Life - There is a common misconception that walking is not exercise. By Edel Jarboe .

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Articles and Resources

  • Easier Weight Loss Without Dieting - Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century. The vast majority of overweight people want to lose their excess weight and become healthier.

  • Fast Weight Loss for Special Occasions - So you must lose at least ten or more pounds quickly. By Gary Matthews.
  • Fat loss - simple but be patient. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Positive Weight Loss Approach - We all know that losing weight can be quite a challenge. In fact, for some, it can be downright tough. World Wide Information Outlet

  • So, Why Am I Not Losing Weight? - If you're troubled by your diet and exercise regime and you tend to gain back all you shed pounds every time you digress from your plan, you're not alone. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Want to Lose Weight? - Do you really believe statements like: “Burn Fat while you sleep”, “No exercise weight loss” ? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

Disease and Conditions

Conditions and Disease Articles and Resources

  • Childhood Obesity - The rising incidence of childhood obesity. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne
  • Childhood Obesity 2 - Childhood obesity statistics. Overweight and obesity have become common health conditions and their prevalence is increasing globally. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Diabetes Prevention - It is possible to prevent and heal pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 naturally with balanced nutrition, and basic exercise. By Gary Matthews.

  • Insulin war - Diabetes Association statistics tell us that we find a new Diabetic every 8 minutes in Canada. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • Oldest metabolic disorder - Obesity has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne

  • What You Should Know About Lead - Lead poisoning is still a very real threat present in our environment. By Sheila Saucier.


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