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No matter how much you research the right exercise regime or develop the perfect nutrition plan all of this can go to waste through lack of motivation.

We've all been there going 100% for the first month only for our efforts to taper off as we find more excuses not to go to the gym or exercise. Keeping on the right track to achieve your goals, and even moving on after you do reach them, is hard but not impossible.

Setbacks are a large part of loss of motivation. Everyone sets out with the best intentions but life is unexpected and a sudden setback can lead to exercising becoming less of a priority. Everybody needs motivation tips to help push them through a difficult stage.

Here are three tips from two sport superstars and an Olympic swimming coach on staying motivated.

Andy Murray

Andy MurrayLast year the Telegraph reported on a list of motivation points that belonged to current world number 1 Andy Murray. The first five points on the list were as followed:

1. Be good to yourself
2. Try your best
3. Be intense with your legs
4. Be productive during points
5. Focus on each point and the process.

The motivational notes clearly paid off, as 2016 was one of Murray's best years with him winning the Wimbledon Championships and Olympic gold for the second time, and finishing the year as world number one.

The list shows that even top sports stars need to push themselves onto greater achievements.

Teri McKeever

When we workout or train it is the results that we are after. Yet in order to achieve our goals we have to work for them. UC Berkeley head swimming coach Teri McKeever told the Atlantic that the most successful athletes "are the ones that really enjoy the process … they enjoy working out as much as they enjoy competition."

It takes a very dedicated person to keep doing something they don't enjoy and if you want to get the best results you need to learn to like the training process.

Find a sport or routine that suits you whether it is weight lifting, running, dancing or yoga.

Gerard Pique

What happens when you achieve your goals? Motivation is always seen as something needed to get to the top, but how do you stay motivated when you have reached your target. Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique is one of the world's most decorated players and has won 29 major trophies over his career including the biggest tournament in the world, the World Cup.

Speaking to Sport 360 on staying motivated Pique said "the feeling when you win, I don't think it's difficult to keep your excitement, to keep your motivation." If you managed to achieve your initial goals then rather than stop, use the success to push for a new ambition.

Even when you reach the top you still need to keep working. Barcelona faced their fierce rivals Real Madrid this month in what is known as the El Clasico. Despite their enormous success last season soccer insights website Betfair reported that Barcelona's preparations had left a lot to be desired after drawing the three previous domestic games. This game also ended in a draw demonstrating that even the most decorated club in the world can never rest on it laurels.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to keep working hard and to never give up even if you achieve success. Motivation is the most important aspect to becoming the person you want to be.


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