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Sports Videos & DVD
Recreational Videos

  • Cheerleading Videos and DVDs - Cheerleading instruction, training, choreography, cheers, stunts, techniques and routines.
  • Children Videos and DVDs - Kid's baseball, basketball, bowling, tennis, golf, karate, jump rope, soccer, Pilates, yoga.
  • Circus DVDs - Circus and Sports Acrobatics.
  • Figure Skating Videos and DVDs - single, double, triple and quadruple jumps of figure skating.
  • Fishing Videos and DVDs - fly fishing, fly tying, bonefish, saltwater fly casting, driftboat and lake fishing, and fishing knots.
  • Football Videos and DVDs - Football training, skills, offenses and defenses, game strategies, strength & conditioning.
  • Golf Videos and DVDs - How to break par, swing tips, putting, chipping, pitching, sand play and golf rules.
  • Gymnastics Videos and DVDs - Gymnastics drills for uneven parallel bars, balance beam, vault, tumbling, floor exercise, tumbling.
  • Table Tennis Videos and DVDs - grip, drills, timing, technique, serve, serve return and rules and strategies.
  • Taekwondo Videos and DVDs - tae kwon do basic stances, footwork, strikes, kicks and blocks.
  • Tennis Videos and DVDs - Tennis fundamentals, serve and volley, doubles, drills.
  • Tumbling Videos and DVDs - body positions, body control and form.
  • Volleyball Videos and DVDs - Hitting techniques and drills, blocking and defense, ball control.
  • Wakeboard Videos and DVDs - The Wakeboard Camp, Base Inverts, wakeskating.
  • Weight Lifting Videos and DVDs - lifting weights for toning, shaping and strength.
  • Wing Chun Videos and DVDs - Wing Chun as a self defense art, fighting art.
  • Wrestling Videos and DVDs - Takedowns, escapes & reversals, mat, attacking, turning & pinning, set ups & tie ups.

Some excellent reasons to buy Sports Videos & DVD:

  • Learn from the experts in their field.
  • Use your video tape or DVD as many times as you'd like.
  • Learn in the privacy of your own home; and at your own pace.
  • Get the most for your money.
  • Increase your retention.
  • Use as a valuable aid with lessons or arrive at your first class prepared.
  • Convenient and fun way to learn a new sport and stay in shape!
  • Christmas and birthday gifts - gift wrapping available in the shopping cart.
  • With the cost of gas climbing, why drive from store to store, shop online and save fuel.
  • Ability to shop at any time of day or night.
  • No crowds.
  • Convenience of shopping online.

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