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Learn how to skateboard - Tony Hawk trick tips, techniques and ramp plans. Pushing, ollies, grinds, slides, flips.

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips Volume 2 - Essentials of Street Video

Tony Hawk Trick Tips Video 2Tony teams up with Eric Koston and Colin McKay to bring you this sequel to the enormously popular Volume 1 in this series. Tony and Eric show you street basics: frontside, noseslide, arial heelflip, 180 kickflips, just to name a few. (Tony also gets some quality time with Eric to ask him a few personal questions.) Colin and Tony hit the mini ramp in Bob Burnquist's backyard to teach you the foundational ramp tricks, such as axle stalls, 5-0's and disasters. Colin also gives Tony and his son Riley some style tips. If you've already mastered your ollies and kickflips, but are having problems with your Smith grinds and backside lipslides, this is the video for you.

Shot in 16mm with a variety of camera angles and slow motion, 'Essentials of Street' will make progressing on your board easier than ever. Hawk's, McKay's and Koston's casual but insightful narration provides helpful hints that took them years to learn, and that will be of great assistance to the progressing skater. This video hit the No. 1 spot on Billboard in 2001.

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips Vol. 3 - Secrets of Skateboarding Video

Tony Hawk Vol. 3

Trying to become a more well-rounded skateboarder by learning old-school street and vert tricks? No problem. "This is our most diverse instructional video to date," Hawk said.

"We teach the viewers different types of skills and styles so they can become a more well rounded skater." Joining Hawk will be skating legends Bucky Lasek and Mike Vallely with a special guest appearance by Bam Margera (of Jackass fame). Lasek, a five-time X-Games medalist, is one of the most consistent vert skaters in the world, known for his complex (and often switch-foot) spin moves. Vallely is an accomplished, fearless street skater known for his crazed stunts; you may remember him hucking off a variety of elevated platforms and other obstacles on the ESPN series Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour. Vallely, one of the original street skaters, is also one of skateboarding's most passionate and vocal advocates.

Shot in 16mm with a variety of camera angles and slow motion effects, this video lets viewers in on the inside knowledge of skateboarding. Hawk and Vallely have an entire section dedicated to "old school" skating, while Lasek joins Hawk in giving away guarded secrets about vert skating. For the advanced and daring, Tony explains how to do the elusive 900. The skaters' casual but insightful narration provides helpful hints that will be of great assistance to the progressing skater.

(2002) Tony Hawk
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

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