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Jibbing with Jeremy Jones DVD

Jibbing with Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is one of the most respected freestyle snowboarders of all time. “Jibbing with Jeremy Jones” is an instructional video that covers the basics of learning how to ride handrails and park features.

Bringing years of experience to the project, Jeremy teaches you the following tricks: Backside Boardslides, Frontside Boardslides, Backside 50-50's, Frontside 50-50's, Backside Lipslides, Frontside Lipslides, Nose Presses, Switch Nose Presses, 5-0's and Switch 5-0's. He also teaches several variations of these tricks to round the video out.

This video is shot in Super 16mm film and all tricks are explained in detail by one of the masters of the sport. Learn from the best in this video brought to you by Jeremy and Mack Dawg Productions.

Jibbing with Jeremy Jones

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