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Driftboat Fishing 101 DVD

Driftboat Fishing 101

As fly anglers, most of us are always seeking to learn more about our sport. One of the areas in which many may be a little short on experience and knowledge is in fishing from and handling a drift boat. This includes dorys, rafts and even the new pontoon and other personal flotation devices.

Dennis Breer, seasoned veteran guide on the Green River with Trout Creek Flies and in Alaska, gained his skill and knowledge the old fashioned way: by working and guiding the river. Driftboat Fishing 101 is the culmination of over 15 years of observation and experience on how to handle and how to fish successfully from drift boats so that you get the most enjoyment from your experience. This is an introduction to those skills.

Filmed on location on Utah's Green River, "101" covers the equipment you need to be legally and properly outfitted, rods, nymph fishing techniques, dry fly fishing techniques, where to cast, and how and where to position the boat so you won't get yelled at by your fishing partners, plus some great fishing fun on the Green.

Video: 60 mins.  (2005) Dennis Breer
DVD - All Region

The New Fly Fishing Basics DVD

New Fly Fishing Basics

“The New Fly Fishing Basics” provides viewers with valuable information that will help them to be better prepared for the many challenges of fly fishing. Detailed instruction is provided by fly fishing experts Jim and Kelly Watt who have hosted their own fly fishing television series on ESPN and The Outdoor Life Network for over 10 years. From casting for freshwater trout in small mountain streams to saltwater fly fishing for Sailfish and Marlin, this instructional program is the product of over 50 years experience gained from fly fishing every conceivable location and situation possible.

“The New Fly Fishing Basics” uses a combination of live, on location action and detailed instructive graphics, filmed in crystal clear Widescreen Digital High Definition (HD) video for today’s DVD. The new DVD format allows viewers to have more control of their learning curve by being able to pick and choose which segments they want to watch as well as having the option to easily view a particular technique repeatedly until they completely understand it. 

Select segments of the program cover the essentials of fly fishing equipment and setup such as choosing the right rod, line choices for every situation, knots and fly styles. Lessons and examples include basic casting techniques, expert casts for difficult situations and the proper way to fish lakes, streams and rivers. The program also provides step-by-step lessons for basic fly tying. Easy to understand instructions on tying a streamer, basic dry fly and Nymph are presented.

Subject details include:
Basic Fishing Techniques - Lakes, Streams, Rivers and Entomology;
Basic Casting Techniques - Roll Cast, Simple Pick/Set Down, False Casting, Shooting Line Cast;
Knots - Nail Knot, Leader to Leader Knot, Double Overhand/Surgeon’s Knot, Leader to Fly Knot, Improved Clinch Knot;
Equipment - Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Leaders, Flies, Stuff, Waders, Vest, Tools, and more;
Basic Fly Tying - Fly tying tools, vises, hooks, learn to tie a Nymph, Woolley Bugger Streamer and a Basic Dry Fly;
Advanced Techniques - Double Haul, Open Loop Cast for Nymphing, Sink Tip Lines, Reach Cast, Slack Line Cast, “S” Cast, Jump Roll Cast, Mending, Downstream Drift, Wind Casts from the Front, Rod Side, Behind, Roll Cast and Backhand;
Choosing the right rod;
Line choice for every situation;

This new DVD program is based on the best selling VHS video “Fly Fishing Basics ... A Beginner’s Guide” produced by Bennett-Watt HD Productions, which has sold over 170,000 copies worldwide making it the best selling fly fishing video ever produced. “The New Fly Fishing Basics” DVD continues this tradition with all new footage, up-to-date techniques created with the latest in modern DVD technology.

Video: 90 mins. Jim and Kelly Watt
DVD - All Region

Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur DVD

Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur

Learn about tools, techniques & basic skills from Dick Talleur. Fly tying authority, columnist, author, photographer, and fly fishing guide teaches viewers the intricate and delicate techniques of tying very effective flies in an easy to understand, hands-on approach.

This DVD is the combination of volumes 1 and 2 directly above.

Video: 120 mins. Dick Talleur
DVD - All Region

Fishing Knots for Fresh and Saltwater DVD

Knots For Fresh & Saltwater

One of the most important elements of fishing enjoyment is your skill at tying knots.

Knots are elementary to fishing whether it's fly fishing, spinning or bait, and you can learn every knot you will need to know in this DVD.

Learn from the vast experience of Outdoor Life Network and ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine hosts, Jim & Kelly Watt, along with expert instruction from author Dick Talleur, guide Lenny Moffo, casting expert Steve Rajeff and the Hooker's first mate Randy Baker. Plus learn how to test your knots and how various leader knots tested in this video.

These are the knots covered in detail: Nail Knot, Braided Mono Loop, Surgeon's Loop, Uni Knot, Albright Knot, Leader to Fly Line, Knots for Leaders, Blood Knot, Double Overhand, Surgeon's Knot, Nested Nail Knot, Nested Uni Knot, Knot Strength test, Clinch Knot, Improved Clinch Knot, Turl Knot, Backing to Reel, Nail-less Nail Knot, Mono Loop, Slip Knot, Wire Leader Knots, Haywire Twist, Albright Combo, Plastic Coated Wire Leaders, Big Game Fishing Knots, Class Tippett, Bimini Twist, Spider Hitch, Huffnagle, Double Hook Set with Snell Knot, Lines for Billfish.

Video: 60 mins.
DVD - All Region

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