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Learn how to play baseball videos and DVDs - how to improve your skills and win. Learn hitting and batting practice drills; base running drills; fielding drills; bunting strategies, playing the infield, outfielding and pitching.

Power Hitting & Conquering the Curveball Video

Power Hitting & Conquering the CurveballIn this program, you'll learn how to maximize your power potential and how to master the curveball.

Power Surge: This DVD breaks down the fundamentals of power hitting. From core power exercises to detailed mechanical analysis, this program teaches you specific drills for immediate improvements in your power game. Whether your dream is to be a line drive - high average hitter or a home run hitter, this is the training series you've been waiting for!

Conquering the Curveball: Learning how to successfully hit the curveball is one of the most difficult tasks to master in all of sports. Also, in the DVD, Major League hitting coach Dave Hudgens teaches you the same techniques the pros use.

This DVD is the ultimate "How to" baseball instructional program! Dave will teach you a proven game plan that will help you react to the curveball and increase your production at every level.

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Baseball Skills & Drills Video

Baseball Skills & DrillsThree programs combined on one DVD!  Learn how to organize better practices, gain a better understanding of what drills you need to develop fundamental baseball skills, and improve your chances at a winning season!

Developed in conjunction with the American Baseball Coaches Association - the world’s leading baseball coaching organization - the Baseball Skills & Drills Series DVD features coaches from three of the nation’s top collegiate baseball programs.
The three sections include:
1. Hitting and Baserunning features Mark Johnson as the on-camera expert. Johnson is a successful coach at Texas A & M University’s baseball program and a highly respected clinician and teacher.
2. Pitching and Catching from baseballs to catcher's mitts, this video features Pat McMahon during his head coaching stint at Mississippi State University (1998-2001). McMahon was named head coach at the University of Florida in 2001 and is recognized as one of college baseball’s top pitching coaches.
3. Fielding features Jack Leggett of Clemson University. Since taking over the Clemson program, Leggett has consistently had his team in the hunt for the ACC and regional titles, and he is highly sought on the clinic circuit throughout the country.

This DVD covers all the essential skills a baseball player needs to compete successfully. In each section an expert teaches key techniques for improving execution and provides a selection of the best drills for mastering the primary skills. Special coaching points provide insight into learning or performing certain skills and correcting common errors, making it the most complete instructional resource of its kind, with information for coaches and players at the youth summer league, high school, and collegiate levels.

Note! DVD is out of stock. The following link is to a book.

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Play Better Baseball Video

Play Better BaseballThis program, featuring instruction by former University of Arizona Head Coach Jerry Stitt, provides progressive step-by-step instruction for throwing, fielding and hitting fundamentals.

Part one covers gripping the baseball, throwing progressions, and proper technique and footwork. It includes some movement and throwing drills which will help players to master this often neglected part of the game. It is essential to teach players how to deliver the ball to their target accurately and consistently.

Part two covers fielding fundamentals and drills for both infielders and outfielders. The players learn glove mechanics, body positioning, footwork, how to turn the double play, communicating with teammates, and more! Practicing these fielding concepts and drills will help players to dramatically reduce the number of fielding errors.

Part three covers essential hitting mechanics and drills. Coach Stitt provides a detailed explanation and demonstration of the elements of a good swing. Learn the four things that all great hitters have in common. You will also learn how to put the ball in play and avoid common errors. Coach Stitt provides progressive drills to work on in the batting cages. He also presents some hitting drills that can be used on the playing field to provide players with numerous repetitions and keep everyone involved.

This comprehensive program will help coaches and players to establish the proper foundation necessary to be successful in baseball at any level.

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