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  • African Dance - Bambara, focodoba, gbegbe, kasa, kuku, mandiani, nago, sinte, soko, soli, sowu, telefone, triba, umoya, yamama, yole, yonwalu.

  • Ballet Videos and DVDs 1 - Ballet routines, choreography, steps, turns, leaps, lifts, barre, center floor work, adage, pirouettes, allegro, Lyrical. Bring a ballet class right into the privacy of your living room.
  • Ballet Music CDs - Piano Music for Ballet Class, Pas De Basque, Between the Barres, Lisa Harris Collection, Music for Barre & Centre ...
  • Ballroom Videos and DVDs - Ballroom dancing lessons and Latin dance. Waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, merengue, swing, quickstep, tango, jive, rock 'n roll, samba, mambo, Lambada, paso doble, bolero, bachata, cumbia and jitterbug.
  • Belly dance Videos and DVDs - Middle Eastern dancing. Bellydance fitness, belly dance workouts and weight loss.
  • Breakdance Videos and DVDs - bboy videos, b-girl dance videos. How to break dance videos and DVDs.
  • Buck Videos and DVDs - Clogging, flatfoot and buck dancing videos and DVDs.

  • Cajun Videos and DVDs - Cajun dancing videos and DVDs and Zydeco.
  • Children's Videos and DVDs - Kids dance and fitness videos and DVDs - Hip Hop, Hula, Fitness Routines.
  • Club Videos and DVDs - Nightclub, party and line dance videos.
  • Clogging Videos and DVDs - Appalachian Clogging, Buck dancing and Flatfoot dance.
  • Clowning Videos and DVDs - Krump dancing, the hottest street dance since BreakDancing.
  • Contemporary Dance - DVDs
  • Country Western Videos and DVDs - Country dancing and line dancing.

  • Dance Music - Cheer, breakdancing, Ballroom, Latin dancing, swing, hip hop, line dance, party dancing, square dancing, Irish dance, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Bellydance, Classical Ballet and exercise music.
  • Dance Teams Videos and DVDs - dance techniques most commonly used by dance teams.
  • Disco Videos and DVDs - Disco hustle is back & hotter than ever!

  • Exotic - Spice up your love life and a workout that conditions & strengthens the body.

  • Flamenco - Learn footwork; hand movements; Flamenco arm action; hand clapping; and proper body movement.
  • Flatfoot - basic steps andTennessee Walking Step.
  • Funk - funky freestyle dances; dances of the 90's.

  • Hip Hop Videos and DVDs - Learn sexy dance moves for the club and impress your friends. Learn the hottest hip hop moves so that you can be relaxed and confident when you're dancing. Top hip hop choreographers Laurie Ann Gibson, Cris Judd & Eddie Garcia, Darrin Henson, Kelly Peters, Jermaine Browne, Rhapsody, The Groovaloos.
  • Historical Social Dances - Learn the dances from the Italian renaissance, Baroque, Victorian Era and 19th and 20th century dances.
  • Hula - Hula dance lessons and fitness workouts.

  • Irish - Learn Irish set dancing, Ceili and Irish step dancing.
  • Instructors

  • Jazz DVDs and Videos - choreography and routines for jazz, lyrical & funk, turns and jumps.
  • Jive Videos and DVDs - Jive and swing.

  • Kids Videos and DVDs - Videos for kids; fitness, hip hop, Sesame Street and Zoe.
  • Krump DVDs and Videos - hottest street dance since Break Dancing.

  • Latin - Salsa, merengue, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and more.
  • Lindy hop - Lindy Hop videos by Frankie Manning.
  • Line Dance - Country line dance, Macarena, Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Slappin' Leather, Cadillac Ranch, Boot Scootin' Boogie.

  • Modern -  Modern dance technique by Lester Horton, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn.
  • Multicultural - Tinikling, African Dance, Persian Dance.

  • Oldies - Jive & Rock 'n Roll, Retro Hustle, 1950's Sock Hop, 1970's Disco, Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.

  • Party - Party Line Dances, romantic and party dancing and wedding dance.
  • Persian - Classical Persian Dances.

  • Salsa - Salsa lessons.
  • Senior - Senior's dance aerobics, armchair fitness, yoga, healing exercises, line dancing, swing, walking, aqua aerobics and tai chi.
  • Square Dance
  • Steppin' - Chicago Style Steppin'.
  • Striptease - Learn strip-tease dancing, pole dancing, lap dances, erotic dances.
  • Swing - Single-Time Swing and East Coast Swing, Jitterbug and Jive

  • Tahiti - Tahitian fitness and Hip Hop.
  • Tap
  • Theatre Dance - Musical Theatre Dance

  • Wedding
  • West Coast Swing Videos and DVDs - sugar push, left side pass, right side pass, outside turn, cut-off pass, reverse pass, whip patterns, left side pass, underarm pass, tuck turns, and the starter step.

  • Zydeco dance.

Benefits of Buying Dance Instruction Videos and DVDs:

  • Learn from the experts in their field.
  • Use your dance video tape or dancing DVD as many times as you'd like.
  • Learn in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.
  • Get the most for your money.
  • Increase your retention.
  • Use as a valuable aid with dance lessons or arrive at your first dance class prepared.
  • Learn the latest dance moves, dance steps and dance routines.
  • Convenient and fun way to stay in shape and burn 260 calories per hour.
  • Dance studios use video tapes to teach instructors.
  • Christmas and birthday gifts - gift wrapping available in shopping cart.
  • Ability to shop at any time of day or night.
  • No crowds.
  • Convenience of shopping online.
  • Dancing videos and DVDs are easier to find online than in stores and a bigger selection.
  • With the cost of gas climbing, why drive from store to store, shop online and save fuel.


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