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Flamenco for Beginners DVD

Flamenco for Beginners

Highly trained and acclaimed Flamenco Dancer and Teacher, Gloria Maria, is your Instructor. Gloria studied at The Academia de Baile Flamenco de Manuel Betanzos in Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain; the National Flamenco Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and for years under the guidance of World Class Flamenco Guitarist, Juan Serrano. If you follow her helpful instruction, you will learn how to do colorful, basic, beginning, technical moves that comprise the Flamenco dance.

This includes: "Compass" the rhythm or rhythmic measure of the music; "El Macro" marking with a specific dance movement to the Compas; "Floreo" expressing and marking dance movement with hands and fingers to the rhythmic measure; "Llamada" a call or sign for the singer or guitarist to enter into the mix of the number; "Brazeo Compas" circular, diagonal, lateral and vertical arm movement to the Compas; "Taconeo" Flamenco footwork; "Pata de Mula" "Foot of a Mule, " a colorful, hard foot step to the music; "Brincos" hopping as part of the dance to the Flamenco rhythm.

Gloria Maria's Flamenco instruction is followed by footage of her gracefully performing, accompanied by Palmista Rosalina, itself a treat for dance lovers and students of dance.

55 mins.  (2005)

Gypsy Heart: The Heart and Soul of Flamenco Dancing DVD

Gypsy Heart The Heart and Soul of Flamenco Dancing

The story of Omayra Amaya's unusual life as a flamenco dancer in Boston. The program is a tribute to her struggle to keep a fiery dance form from burning out in this chilly New England city. Also included is dazzling historical film footage of Amaya's great aunt, the legendary Carmen Amaya, considered one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all time, as well as rare archival footage of Gypsies flamenco dancing in Spain.

50 mins.  (2005)

Divas of Dance DVD

Divas of Dance

12 sizzling performances! Spectacular dances from around the world! This amazing collection features spectacular routines from some of the world’s hottest dancers.

From bellydance to Hip Hop to sultry Latin moves, this electrifying program is 50 minutes of pure entertainment. The sultry and expressive moves of bellydance are performed by acclaimed dance artists Rania, Suhaila and Jayna. Classic Spanish and Flamenco dances are showcased by Batiste Gremaud, while MaDonna Grimes moves and grooves with Hip Hop freestyle routines. The program includes the hottest Latin dance moves from Joby ‘Brava’, and a lively country line dance from Joanne Bailey.

Program Features: 6 solo dances and 6 group performances; Spellbinding bellydance routines; High energy Hip Hop moves; Salsa and Flamenco routines heat up dance floor; Country line dance solo.

50 mins.  (2005)

Masters of Flamenco: Early Television Concerts DVD

Masters of Flamenco Early Television Concerts

The excitement of flamenco dance is the result of years of arduous training. Difficult to master, and requiring the talents as well of specially trained guitarists and singers, it is not for the amateur or the faint of heart.

This DVD brings together performances for some of the great artists that thrilled audiences in the mid 1960’s.

50 mins.  (2005)

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