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Now you can dance the latest funk freestyle dances sweeping the country today!

Simply Funk DVD

Simply FunkThis DVD features Matthew Morrison now starring as Mr. Schuester on the FOX hit series, GLEE. So dance along with Matthew and New York City's hottest instructor Suzanne D., to learn the latest in Hip Hop and Funk style dance.

The class begins with a funky warm-up, followed by some jammin' variations and combos to get you into the groove, and finally a full length, cutting edge Hip Hop dance that's fresh off the streetz of New York City. Each section is broken down slowly from both front and rear views for easy learning.

Suzanne DiNunzio teaches at many of the prominent studios and clubs in New York. Her Multi-Groove classes that combine Funk, Jazz, Latin and African dance are always jammed to capacity. She also performs with Manhattans hottest Hip Hop Group, Culture Shock.

Music from this video available on Music Jam CD Vol. 1.

Urban Funk DVD

Urban Funk In this sequel to best selling video "Simply Funk", Suzanne DiNunzio, member of the Hip Hop group Culture Shock, offers you the hottest Hip Hop Choreography in New York City!

Warm-up with street-smart combinations on the rooftops of New York City! Then jump into the studio to "get down" with 3 Ultra Funky routines. Suzanne and her dancers perform each energizing dance to the music and then break it down showing both front and back views. Rated "F" for fantastically Funky.

Music from this video available on Music Jam CD Vol. 1.

Christy Lane Funky Freestyle Dancing DVD

Funky Freestyle Dancing Dances from the '90s

Now you can dance the latest funky freestyle dances sweeping the country today! Your own personal instructor Christy Lane will "reprogram" your body by teaching you rhythm and the hottest funk dances including: The Butterfly, Reggae Chop, Kano, Lockin', Mario, Robot, Electric Kick, New Electric Slide and more!

30 mins.  (2006)  Christy Lane

More Funky Freestyle Dancing (Dances from the '90s) DVD

More Funky Freestyle Dancing Dances from the '90sHere's your chance to be a star on the dance floor! Christy and her dancers come to the rescue with more, hot, funky dance moves. Once you have learned the dances slowly, you will be challenged to try the steps to a faster tempo.

Learn: The Sidewinder, University Stomp, Funky Jump, Stop and Go, Egyptian, Wavin', Tickin', 2 Plus 2, Kick Kross and more!

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