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Rumble with Amy Bento DVD

Rumble with Amy Bento DVD

Rumble is Amy Bento’s first pure non-choreographed, drill style boxing workout.

If you are looking for hardcore boxing workout using weighted gloves, hand wraps and boxing gloves then get ready to Rumble!

Rumble is filmed on an outdoor, no frills set and the workout starts with an ample warm up, progresses into four simple upper & lower body boxing drills that require no space, and finishes with a relaxing cool down.

This cardio segment runs approximately 40 minutes not including warm-up and cool down. But wait … there's more: we then put our gloves on and pull out the free standing Everlast punching bag to use as your sparring partner. Amy takes you through 30 more minutes of intense low impact drills using the bag.

There are also three premixes offered on this DVD workout.

This workout features the following equipment: Everlast free standing boxing bag, boxing gloves (optional), hand wraps (optional), 1 lb weighted gloves (optional), mat.

Rumble with Amy Bento

Becoming a Better Boxer Volume 3 DVD

Becoming a Better Boxer Volume 3

This DVD is volume three of a three-part series featuring Kenny Weldon. In this program, Kenny shares the same training techniques and tips that he has used to train some of the top boxers in the world.

Advanced topics covered on this DVD include: ring techniques, evaluation line, double end bag, hand pads, heavy bag, the rack, jump roping, and the proper use of the medicine ball. This comprehensive series is a must have resource for anyone involved in boxing.

About the Instructor: Kenny Weldon is one of the premier trainers in boxing history. His gym has produced 26 national champions, three amateur world champions and three United States Olympians. Weldon has worked with many of the top professional boxers in the world, including: Raul Marquez, Mike McCallum, Vinny Pazienza and Evander Holyfield. Currently, Weldon is continuing to work with young fighters at the Galena Park Boxing Academy in Houston, Texas.

Becoming A Better Boxer: Volume 3

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