Diet and Nutrition

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Family having a meal at the dinner table.
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Diet and nutrition info.

  • Aspartame - One of the reasons for using aspartame is the quest to reduce calories and therefore lose or maintain body weight. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Body Mass Index - Body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference are two measurements to identify if you are at increased risk of developing health problems because of your weight. By Amy Parker.
  • Breakfast of Champions - Mom was right; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs 50 different nutrients everyday. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Carbohydrate Loading - Carbohydrate loading or Glycogen loading is a concept derived from research published in Sweden. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates are valuable sources of energy and other nutrients. Carbohydrates are derived primarily from plants and best known for their contribution to available quick energy. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Celebration Eating - Celebrations, special events, festivals are all times when we indulge in our favorite comfort foods. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Cholesterol Free - Reduce the cholesterol in your diet? There's no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood. None. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Eating for Stress - A nutrition connection and stress can be intriguing because usually wise food choices are the last thing on our mind when we perceive stress but nutritional deficiencies are rarely the cause of the stress. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Eating Out - Fast foods and restaurants can be an obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight. Dining out poses many challenges to a healthy lifestyle. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Emotional Eating - If you find yourself at the fridge when you are mad, glad, stressed or sad, you are not eating for energy. By Amy Parker
  • Fat Phobia - Not all fats are bad. Fat is a very functional source of energy. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Garlic - Many people today know that garlic has a large number of health and wellness benefits. By Kathy Burns-Millyard
  • Goal Setting - New Year’s is a great time to think about what changes can be made to improve our health and well being but staying on top of these goals is equally important. By Amy Parker
  • Halloween - Halloween Party. Gone are the days when the Treat part of Trick or Treat was an apple, home-made baking or bag of popcorn. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Healthy Eating - We expect more for our money and unfortunately that is leading to more for our waistlines as well. By Amy Parker
  • Holiday Food - Weight gain during holidays - eating sensibly during the Christmas season By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Holiday Weight - This holiday season buck the trends and avoid the Seasonal Seven - the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year. By Lynn Bode
  • Low Carb Low Fat - Low fat diet is the healthiest way to avoid serious diseases, right? Maybe wrong. By Naturopathic physician
  • Menu Planning - Menu planning for the outdoor season. Prepare for that strenuous day hiking, climbing, gardening. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Munchies - The time between meals can become too long and a mini-meal is just what you need to tide you over till the next time you eat. By Amy Parker
  • Nutrition Bars - The task of choosing the right nutrition bar to meet your needs at the moment. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Nutrition Jargon - Nutrition terms - free radicals, antioxidants, trans fatty acids, homocysteine, folic acid, bioavailability By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Optimal Diet - When the decision arrives that it is time to get fit, the diet may or may not receive attention it deserves. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Optimal Nutrition - Optimal nutrition for sports and exercise. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Peanut Butter or Pasta - Carbohydrate loading or is fat the fuel of the future? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Protein primer - Protein, made from combinations of 22 known amino acids, makes up our DNA, hormones, enzymes, muscles. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Protein Supplement Lingo - Protein supplements, have you ever wondered what those terms mean on the label? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Runners diet - When it comes to nutritional advice for sport and exercise there is always some new magic bullet product or plan designed to help you become the next super athlete. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Snacking - Almonds are a great snack for this time of the year. They are naturally high in magnesium, a nutrient most Canadians don't get enough of. By NC.
  • Snacks - Choose the right snack for coffee break. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Soy Cooking - Soy products help lower cholesterol, reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms as well as reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, such as breast and prostate By ARA
  • St. Johns Wort - The herb Hypericum performatum (St. John's Wort) has been effectively used to alleviate the symptoms of mild to moderate depression. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Story on Fat - Low fat, high fat, good fats, bad fats … we are overloaded everyday with information about fat. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Supplementation 101 - Responsible supplementation is no longer an option if your objective is optimal health. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Water - How much water to drink daily for health and sports performance. Daily fluid requirements will vary with ... By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • What to Eat - What to eat. Are there any Superfoods? By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
  • Winter Nutrition - The winter season and the typical events that occur throughout the winter create significant challenges to the immune system. By Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.


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