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 Holiday Snacking

Holiday snacking can be good for you

(NC)—Between long lines at the mall and preparing for the holidays, it's hard to find the time to enjoy a nutritious snack. Believe it or not, snacking is good for you. As long as you're eating the right kind of snacks. There is no easier and more convenient snack than a handful of California almonds.

“Almonds are a great snack for this time of the year. They are naturally high in magnesium, a nutrient most Canadians don't get enough of. This keeps blood sugar regulated giving you the sustained energy you need for those crazy shopping trips and festive gathering,” notes Winnipeg-based Registered Dietitian Gina Sunderland. “They are portable and versatile. You can roast them, slice them, bake them or eat them raw, what could be better?”

When it comes to snacking, and staying healthy during the holidays, consider the following tips from Gina Sunderland:

  • Keep your meals regular. Don't get caught in the shopping madness. Eat a light and healthy snack before leaving the house; try a handful of roasted almonds, this will keep you satisfied for a number of hours
  • The holidays are hectic and we often eat food that is bad for us. Give your immune system a boost. Research shows almonds are a potent antioxidant and immune booster
  • Take time for your meals. Busy schedules often result in fast food fixes and eating on the run. The less time you set aside for eating healthy meals, the more prone you are to selecting high-fat snacks.
  • At a party, avoid lingering at the buffet table or sitting by the appetizers or desserts to prevent unnecessary eating.
  • Take your family out for a walk, tobogganing or skating. If the weather is too cold to be outside go “mall walking” or choose other indoor activities such as swimming, or bowling. Physical activity helps boost your metabolism
  • Get plenty of rest. When well rested we have more energy and the ability to stick to our healthy lifestyle goals of being physically fit and choosing nutritious foods like almonds.

You'll find that with some preparation, even during the hectic holiday, it's not difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about how almonds provide valuable nutrition visit

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