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Some excellent reasons to buy Exercise Videos & DVDs:

  • Learn from the experts in their field.
  • No need to coordinate your workout schedule with an instructor or personal trainer.
  • No waiting in line to use gym equipment.
  • No fighting for floor space in a crowded aerobics or toning class.
  • You can have your favorite instructor every day.
  • Fabulous motivation and techniques by world class instructors
  • Save money on gym membership.
  • Save time by not driving to and from the gym.
  • Use your video tape or DVD as many times as you'd like.
  • Learn in the privacy of your own home; and at your own pace.
  • Work out at your convenience.
  • Wear whatever you're comfortable in to class.
  • Select exercise DVDs & videos that fit your personal interests.
  • Get the most for your money.
  • Use on days when you can't get to the gym.
  • Convenient and fun way to stay in shape!
  • Birthday and Christmas gifts - gift wrapping available in shopping cart.
  • Keep New Year's resolution.
  • With the cost of gas climbing, why drive from store to store, shop online and save fuel.
  • Ability to shop at any time of day or night.
  • No crowds.
  • Convenience of shopping online.

Exercise & Fitness DVDs and Videos

  • Indoor Cycling - Studio cycling, Cycle Reebook classes, stationary bike.



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