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Richard Simmons: Supersweatin' Party Off The Pounds DVD

Richard Simmons Supersweatin' Party Off The Pounds Video

Think all workouts are boring? Well, Iím here to tell you that they donít have to be. To lose weight and get in shape, you can Party Off the Pounds with me and my amazing cast of people ó just like you ó who want to get in shape, keep in shape and live long, healthy lives.

To help motivate you, Iíll take you on a journey to my very own fabulous mall, where weíll have a ball with a workout set to new, pumped-up versions of your favorite í80s tunes. Make a decision now for a new and healthier you ... Letís Party Off the Pounds!

Look at all these GREAT TRACKS: 1. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Warm-up); 2. Letís Hear It For the Boy (Stretch); 3. True Colors; 4. Like A Virgin; 5. Hit Me With Your Best Shot; 6. Mickey; 7. If I Could Turn Back Time; 8. Shake It Up; 9. New Attitude; and 10. Lean on Me (Cool Down). Great for all fitness levels.

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