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Amy Bento: Kettlebell Dynamics DVD

Amy Bento: Kettlebell Dynamics DVD
Amy Bento: Kettlebell Dynamics

Video fitness favorite Amy Bento performs a new workout using a kettlebell that provides an advanced dynamic blend of cardiovascular, strength, power endurance and flexibility training to all the muscles of your body.

You will perform combinations of moves that are followed by a one minute sport conditioning drill; each combination of moves will be performed in increments of five repetitions.

A medium to heavy kettlebell weight should be used according to your body"s capabilities. This is an advanced kettlebell training workout so prior kettlebell training experience is required and there will be a short preview section of some of the moves performed in the workout to give you better understanding of form and technique.

Equipment used: Kettlebell.
Video: 80 mins. (2009)

Advanced Step Challenge 3 with Amy Bento DVD

Advanced Step Challenge 3 with Amy Bento DVD
Advanced Step Challenge 3 with Amy Bento

Ready for more Challenge? Amy Bento is back with the A team with more intensely fun combinations and heart pumping new music from

The all-new Advanced Step Challenge 3 DVD has five combinations, including one combination that is done with the step in the vertical position.

As in its predecessors, Advanced Step Challenge 3 has the following features: Extensive preview section for the more complicated moves in the workout, vocal only option, six premixes, power up section, and a new added feature of two 15 minute ab workouts chaptered separately.

One ab workout uses one of Amy's favorite training tools, the kettlebell. The other uses a resistance tube with handles. These ab workouts are chaptered separately or you can do them both in one of the premixes.

This program also includes an athletic stretch segment. This steady state step workout will have you burning calories, blasting fat off your body while the time flies by.

This workout features the following equipment: Step with risers, kettlebell or dumbbell, resistance tubing, mat.
Video: 140 mins. (2009)

Rumble with Amy Bento DVD

Rumble with Amy Bento DVD
Rumble with Amy Bento DVD

Rumble is Amy Bento's first pure non-choreographed, drill style boxing workout.

If you are looking for hardcore boxing workout using weighted gloves, hand wraps and boxing gloves then get ready to Rumble!

Rumble is filmed on an outdoor, no frills set and the workout starts with an ample warm up, progresses into four simple upper & lower body boxing drills that require no space, and finishes with a relaxing cool down.

This cardio segment runs approximately 40 minutes not including warm-up and cool down. But wait " there's more: we then put our gloves on and pull out the free standing Everlast punching bag to use as your sparring partner. Amy takes you through 30 more minutes of intense low impact drills using the bag.

There are also three premixes offered on this DVD workout.

This workout features the following equipment: Everlast free standing boxing bag, boxing gloves (optional), hand wraps (optional), 1 lb weighted gloves (optional), mat.

Video: 80 mins. (2009)

Absolute Beginners Fitness: 3-in-1 Kettlebell with Amy Bento DVD

Absolute Beginners Fitness: 3-in-1 Kettlebell with Amy Bento DVD
 Kettlebell with Amy Bento DVD

Are you ready to discover the strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility benefits of kettlebell training?

Fitness favorite Amy Bento applies her techniques to this energetic program that is designed for beginners to kettlebells as well as those seeking additional kettlebell instructions.

Why "3-in-1"? This DVD contains three segments; a tutorial component designed to show you the complete breakdown of the basic kettlebell moves, including close-ups and descriptions; next, the beginner workout starts off with a quick warm-up and then continues with a complete start-to-finish workout that puts together all the moves covered in the instructional segment; then Amy serves up an intermediate-level workout that combines several cardio exercises with the kettlebell moves, keeping your heart rate pumping while you burn calories and gain strength. A thorough stretching routine concludes each segment, rounding out the program and giving you a complete full body workout.

Designed specifically for those just starting out with exercise programs - but suitable for all fitness levels - the Absolute Beginners Fitness series contains clear and precise instruction for safe, yet effective, workouts. Utilizing top instructors and proven methods, the Absolute Beginners Fitness series of DVDs are the best way to begin a lifetime of fitness and health.

Equipment used: Kettlebell.
Video: 60 mins. (2009)

Amy Bento: In the Ring Cardio Kickboxing DVD

Amy Bento: In the Ring Cardio Kickboxing
 Cardio Kickboxing

Amy Bento"s In the Ring is a new concept for the fitness enthusiast, designed to deliver results with a different style format. This cardio kickboxing workout has four combos and four intervals (the format is one combo followed by one interval).

The intervals are low impact, high intensity, and done with a medicine ball. The medicine ball intervals are designed to compliment the kickboxing portion of the workout leaving you with a total body burn. The kickboxing combos are fun and intense and are easy to follow. They are broken down in a way that is not boring and redundant so you will get the maximum results from your maximum effort. A modifier is provided for some of the more complicated moves in this workout.

Equipment Used: Medicine Ball.
Video: 65 mins. (2009)

Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge DVD

Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge
 Strength Challenge

The theme of this 3-day split resistance training workout is "heavy weight training at a slower tempo." Amy will emphasize slow reps sets in both concentric and eccentric contractions.

The goal of Slow-Mo Strength Challenge is to increase your strength by placing maximum force on the muscles. The benefits to lifting heavy are many: you will increase your metabolic rate; burn calories even at rest; add muscle definition; strengthen bone and connective tissues that protect your body from injury; create better balance and stability and, most importantly, making you feel better mentally.

Some exercises performed in this workout are: wobble hack squats, sumo squats, hammy rockers, chest around the worlds, decline triceps dips, the biceps bonfire and more! A modifier is provided for anyone choosing lighter weights.

Our NRG MIXES or premixes include three total body workouts and five other premixes varying in length to suit any workout schedule. Each workout consists of balanced muscle training with warm-up and cool-down.

Muscle groupings for 3-day split are as follows: Split one " Legs, Split two - Back and shoulders, Split three - Chest, bis and tris and Core work - As a separate chapter.

This workout features the following equipment: Step w/ 3 risers each side, Plate-loaded Bar, Heavy Dumbbells 8 to 25 pounds, Stability Ball, Resistance Band and Mat.

Video: 180 mins. (2008)

Amy Bento: Advanced Step Challenge 2 DVD

Amy Bento: Advanced Step Challenge 2
 Advanced Step

Amy and the crew are back with more athletic style stepping. If you need a challenge, or are a modifier who still wants a tough workout, then Advanced Step Challenge 2 was made for you!

Interesting yet easy-to-follow advanced choreography makes this versatile workout a winner! Some fun signature Amy moves such as: the Fly away, hop hop stick, hip hop repeater, the weave and more make this an action packed hour of strong steady state stepping.

Features of ASCII include: New music by, an extensive preview chapter to break down the more complicated moves, 54-minutes of solid stepping and Amy's favorite "power-up" chapter for a great endurance and intensity pump up. You will master five combinations that are done in blocks of two, then combined. There are six NRG MIXES or premixes and two Bonus Circuit Mixes incorporating Slo-Mo Challenge exercises with this great cardio workout.

Pop in your favorite music by using the Vocals Only option as well. Enjoy the Challenge!

This workout features the following equipment: Step with 1 riser under each side, Mat.
Video: 75 mins. (2008)

Amy Bento: Hi/Lo Xtreme Workout DVD

Amy Bento Hi/Lo Xtreme Workout

If you are looking for an extremely fun, athletic-style Hi/Lo workout, look no further than Amy Bento"s Hi/Lo Xtreme. You told us you were tired of "too fancy" or "overly complicated" moves and we listened. Amy's Hi/Lo Xtreme is something you will look forward to every time! You will be able to get these combos and have fun with them.

Hi/Lo Xtreme has five Hi/Lo combinations with interval-style surprises along the way which vary in intensity. You will get power-up plyo work and low impact challenges that will leave your muscles feeling empowered. Can you modify this workout? Absolutely " a modifier will offer low-impact options for most of the high-impact moves.

Special Features include: Nine NRG mixes or premixes; three Bonus mixes include All Pump Xtreme mixed with the cardio of Hi/Lo Xtreme; and voice-only audio option.

Video: 66 mins. (2008)

Amy Bento's Cardio Pump Step DVD

Amy Bento's Cardio Pump Step

Want it all? Looking for twice the NRG? Maybe you're just running short on time or looking to mix things up. Here is your solution!

Let Amy crank up your NRG with some fresh, advanced step combinations and a complete weight training "pump" all in one video. Step is alive again as Amy breathes new life into this traditional workout.

Cardio Pump Step is for the intense workout enthusiast who needs a blast of both cardiovascular challenges and muscle stimulation.

Equipment list includes: step, resistance tubing, dumbbells, stability ball and a mat.
We suggest performing this workout two times per week with two days in between sessions.
Fitness Level: Advanced.
Video: 49 mins. (2007)

Advanced Step Challenge with Amy Bento DVD

Advanced Step Challenge with Amy Bento

An entire workout devoted to step aerobics, Amy takes you through her own creative choreography that has power and NRG in every step.

This workout boasts a "preview" and "power ups" section. The preview section allows you to practice the more complicated moves, while the "power ups" bonus section is for those who just can"t get enough. If you need more of a cardio threshold/anaerobic challenge, this section is for you. If you are not quite there yet, progress slowly into the "power ups" challenge " before you know it, you will achieve the much deserved title of "expert" as you finally conquer this section. A warm-up and a cool down are also provided.

Equipment list includes: A step.
We suggest this workout be performed two times per week with at least two days in between sessions.
Fitness Level: Advanced.
Video: 51 mins. (2007)

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