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Ballroom Basics Vol. 2: Waltz DVD

Ballroom Basics Vol. 2 Waltz
Ballroom Waltz

Learn to waltz without ever leaving home with Vol. 2 of the Ballroom Basics series.

Professional dance instructors Nathalie Reiss and Sven Walker teach the steps to the basic waltz, along with a handful of flourishes to help students perform with grace and style right out of the box. It also shows the dancers from various camera angles so you can see the steps from all perspectives.

Ballroom Basics Volume 7: Jive & Samba DVD

Ballroom Basics Volume 7: Jive & Samba DVD
Jive & Samba DVD

Professional dancers Nathalie Reiss and Sven Walker guide viewers through the jive and the samba in this volume of Ballroom Basics.

Perfect for beginners, this instructional release offers easy-to-follow routines, each filmed from various angles and presented graphically so that students can gain the clearest possible understanding of the movements.

Ballroom Basics makes learning how to dance a very easy and entertaining experience. Volume 7 of this series will have you dancing the Jive and Samba in no time.

Ballroom Basics Volume 8: Streetdance DVD

Ballroom Basics Volume 8: Streetdance DVD
Streetdance DVD

Fit for beginners and experienced dancers alike, this volume of Ballroom Basics guides viewers through some of the hottest streetdance routines.

Tammy Darouiche and Rob Lawray, two championship coaches from Germany"s Streetdance Academy Nuremberg, break down complex choreography into clear, easy-to-follow moves. On this DVD, Tammy and Rob each show two top-of-the-line streetdance choreographies.

This DVD is for both beginning and advanced students who want to learn the newest and hottest moves of two of the world"s successful dancers. Step by step, the figures are explained and danced in easy-to-follow movements.

Video: 45 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

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