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Resources & Information

History of Dance

A brief dance history from argentine tango to western dance.

Dance Blog

Dance blogs about 70's music, choosing a dance studio, social dancing and more.

Dance Steps

Foxtrot, waltz, jive and polka dance steps.

Dance Terms and Definitions

Dance Terminology

Dance Studios and Instructors

Dance Studios by country, state and city.

Dance Syllabus

Internation Style Dance Syllabus.



Dance Tips and Tempo

Dance tips from Instructors.

  • Dance Tips - warm up, shoes, technique, footwork.
  • Dance Tempo - Dance tempi in measures per minute as recommended by the National Dance Council of America.

Dance Competitions

Dance Competions Listings by country, syllabus, how ballroom competitions are judged.

Dance Links

Dance Sites Websites that have information on dance.

Dance Videos

Instructional Dance Videos and DVDs Buy How to Dance Videos and benefits of buying dance videos

Free Dance Videos

Free Dance Instruction From YouTube, Google and other websites.


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