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Hip HopLook better on the dance floor. With the popular TV series "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars", people are taking new interest in learning to dance. Learn the latest moves so that you can be relaxed and confident when you're dancing.

Educational, Home Schooling, Classroom and Self Study DVDs (64)

  • Bullying & Harassment - A comprehensive line of Bullying, Harassment, Date Violence educational DVDs. (19)
  • Conflict Management - A comprehensive line of Conflict Management guidance DVDs. (44)
  • Exam Preparation - A comprehensive line of Exam Preparation educational DVDs. Biology. (24)
  • Foreign Language - A comprehensive line of Foreign Language educational DVDs. Spanish. (705)
  • History - A comprehensive line of History educational DVDs. Industrial Revolution. Women's Movement. (5129)
  • Life Skills - A comprehensive line of Life Skills educational DVDs. Get That Job. (103)
  • Math - A comprehensive line of Math educational DVDs. Addition,  Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Card Tricks, Math & Number Fun, Algebra (124)
  • Science - A comprehensive line of Science educational DVDs. Biology. (688)
  • Sex Education - A comprehensive line of Sex Education educational DVDs. Sexting. (187)
  • Writing - A comprehensive line of Writing educational DVDs. (30)


CinderellaBallet Performances (585)

Ballet Performances, Profiles and Documentaries Videos and DVDs

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Learn to Play a musical instrument Videos and DVDs


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Health, fitness, diet and nutrition, weight loss, disease and conditions. Books, articles and resources by Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Dr. Robert Osgoodby and various guest authors.


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