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  • Bathing suits - Bathing suits and shorts season is only 90 days away. Will you look good in either? By L. Lee Coyne Ph.D.
  • Cardio Boxing for Super Fitness - Cardio-boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. By Gary Matthews.
  • Exercise: The Missing Piece - There are two parts to the equation when it comes to weight loss; diet and exercise. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Exercising Safely In Heat - Physical activities and playing sports in hot weather. By Lynn Bode.
  • Excuses, Excuses - It can be challenging to find the time to get to the gym to workout. By Dr. Robert OsgoodBy.
  • Fitness Ball - There are literally hundreds of different exercises that can be used with the stability ball. By Lynn Bode.
  • Fitness Videos & DVDs - Fitness videos are made by professionals and fitness trainers who have dedicated most of their lives to help people improve their health, lose weight and stay toned.
  • Four-legged Attitude - Exercise made him happy and this really was a highlight of the day. By Amy Parker, RD
  • Healthy Living - a well balanced diet and good exercise program are the building blocks of good health.
  • Heart Rate Monitor - If you want to get more exact with your precision cardio, you can use a heart rate monitor in addition to evaluating your rate of perceived exertion. By Wini Linguvic
  • Better Indoor Living - Improving indoor air quality. Give your home a comfort makeover this winter
  • Never Too Old - At age 47, Martina Navratilova returned to Wimbledon and represented the United States at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
  • Personal Trainer - Are you unfit? Overweight? So are millions of others! Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer?
  • Twelve weeks to fitness - exercising consistently and at a consistent level will give you far better results, and that cardio-vascular workouts are just as important as weight training to achieve the body you want. By Kate and Phil Wiley.
  • Walk for Your Life - There is a common misconception that walking is not exercise. By Edel Jarboe .


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