History of Dance

Elizabethan Dancing
Elizabethan Dancing
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History of Dancing and Music - Modern, Ballet, Ballroom, European, African, Latin

  • Argentina Tango - Argentina Tango history and styles. Origins of tango. By Mike Higgins
  • Argentine Tango - Argentine Tango history. Origins of tango. History of dances Milonga. By Bruno E. Romero
  • Ballet - Originating in Italy and expanding from there to many points in the world, ballet has always been regarded as a trained form of dancing that required practice to achieve. By Jake Fuller
  • Breakdance - History of Breakdance, origin of breakdancing and b-boy. By Jake Fuller
  • Cha Cha - Cha Cha dance history. Ballroom Dance History. Origins of cha cha dancing. By Jake Fuller
  • Clogging - Clog dancing or clogging, as it is sometimes known, takes its origins from square dancing. By Jake Fuller
  • Disco and Hustle - Disco Hustle dance origins, history. By Jake Fuller
  • Flamenco - The most important element of flamenco music is undeniably the singing, Cante. Flamenco dance has been documented during the Phoenician empire, in festivals. By Hadia
  • Foxtrot - The Foxtrot originated in the summer of 1914 by Vaudeville actor Harry Fox. Origins of Foxtrot Dance. By Jake Fuller
  • Hip Hop - History of hiphop dancing. Origins of hip hop. By Jake Fuller
  • Hip-Hop - The four historic elements of Hip-Hop are MCing, also known as rapping, DJing, graffiti, an art that has derived inspiration from the urban culture and break dancing, which is also called b-boying. By Bri
  • Hula Dance - Did you know that Hula dancing is often regarded as a type of prayer? By Jake Fuller
  • Hula History - The traditional hula dance has truly mysterious origins. By Kea Lani
  • Hustle - New York City is the birth place of The Hustle. If you talk to 10 different people from New York, you’ll get 10 different responses as to how it started, how it developed and who was responsible for it. By Derrick Allen
  • Irish / Ceili - Another style of Irish dance is Irish ceili dance or Irish social dance. By Jake Fuller
  • Jazz - History of Jazz Dancing and Music. Origins of jazz dancing. By Jake Fuller
  • Mambo - Mambo. History of dance - mambo. How the dance mambo was named. By Jake Fuller
  • Merengue - Merengue Dance. Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. History of dance merengue. By Carmen Vazquez and Jake Fuller
  • Peabody - The Peabody resembles a fast Foxtrot By Jake Fuller
  • Polka - Polka is a lively Bohemian dance tune in 2/4 time. History of Polka Dancing. Rosamunde, Beer Barrel Polka By Jake Fuller
  • Rumba - Origin of Rumba. Rumba is a generic term, covering a variety of names (i.e., Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha, Naningo), for a type of West Indian music or dancing. By Jake Fuller
  • Rumba historia - Hitza Rumba epe generikoa, askotariko izenak (hau da, Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha, Naningo) estaliz, West Indian musika edo dantza mota bat da. By Jennifer Indurayne
  • Salsa - Origin of Salsa Dance and Music. Salsa is a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. By Jaime Andrés Pretell and Jake Fuller
  • Samba - Samba dancing history. Origins of dancing - samba By Jake Fuller
  • Swing - History of Swing Dancing. The history of swing dance dates back to 1920. Origins of Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug and Jive By Jake Fuller
  • Tango - History of Tango Dance. Origins. Tango dance is one of the most fascinating of all dances. By Jake Fuller
  • Twist - Twist Dancing. History of dance - twist By Jake Fuller
  • Viennese Waltz - Viennese Waltz history. Origins of dances By Jake Fuller
  • Waltz - Waltz a dance born in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria. History of Dance Waltz By Jake Fuller
  • Western - History of country western dancing. Origins of cowboy waltz, square dance, polka, two step. By Jake Fuller


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