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Dance Floor Etiquette

Dance Etiquette

by: Lori Heikkila

Let's all practice dance floor etiquette! Many dancers and many styles of dancing can be accommodated on the floor at the same time. This means that we have to follow traditional dance floor etiquette. Let's always be courteous and we will all have a great time dancing!

Dances that move in a continuous forward movement should be danced in the outer lanes (counter clockwise which is also the line of dance). There are two lanes depending on the forward movement of the dancers: the outside (fast) lane and the inside (slow) lane. Progressive dances which are danced in the two outer lanes are Waltz, Fox-trot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, and the Two-Step. These dancers generally have the right of way, but should not cut through the floor center!

The floor center is where line dances, spot dances, and "position" dances are held such as the Jive, West Coast Swing, Slow Dancing, and Cha Cha. Do not dance in the outside lanes unless everyone else is doing them at the same time!

If we all follow the golden rules of dance floor etiquette, then all can enjoy dancing to the fullest.

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