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ecarte - A position with one leg extended at an oblique angle while the body is also at an oblique angle.

efface - A position of the body at an oblique angle and partly hidden.

elevation - The ability to jump high into the air and give the appearance of remaining suspended at the apex of the jump.

en travesti - A female dancer dressed as a man, or a male dressed as a woman.

English Tango - The style is the same as the other English competition dances, and the steps are similar Fox Trot steps with a few Latin flourishes.

enrosque - a twist

entrechat - A ballet movement in which the dancer repeatedly crosses his or her legs in the air.

epaulement - The position of the torso from the waist up.

escondido - An Argentine dance called Escondido (literally hidden for in it the female partner hides from the male) belongs to the Gato type rhythmically and choreographically.

etoile - Literally "star." The highest rank a dancer may hold in the Paris Opera.

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