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Samba Syllabus

Samba International Latin Syllabus

  • Bronze
    • Alternative basic: natural & reverse
    • Basic movement: natural & reverse
    • Bota fogos to PP & CPP IDTA: silver
    • Corte jaca
    • Lady's spot volta
    • Outside basic ISTD
    • Progressive basic
    • Reverse turn
    • Rhythm bounce ISTD
    • Samba walks in PP
    • Side basic ISTD
    • Traveling bota fogos: forward & backward
    • Voltas to R & L
    • Whisks
  • Silver
    • Argentine crosses ISTD
    • Closed rocks IDTA: bronze
    • Shadow bota fogos
    • Side samba walk IDTA: bronze
    • Volta movements (Criss cross, Maypole, Solo spot volta)
  • Gold
    • Back rocks IDTA: silver
    • Contra bota fogos
    • Cruzado locks in shadow position
    • Cruzados walks IDTA
    • Foot changes
    • Natural roll IDTA: bronze
    • Open rocks IDTA: silver
    • Plait IDTA: silver
    • Promenade & counter- promenade runs
    • Rolling off the arm ISTD
    • Stationary samba walks IDTA: bronze
    • Traveling locks in open CPP
    • Volta movements: (Closed volta, Traveling and circular voltas in R. shadow position, Roundabout)

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