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Waltz Steps

Waltz steps 2

Waltz Left turn step

Man's foot position

Waltz left turn
 Left turn in Waltz

Rhythm - One, two, three
One basic is 6 steps.

Waltz Right turn step

Man's foot position

Waltz right turn
 Right turn in Waltz

Start position
Rhythm - One, two, three
Precede with a left foot change, then 2 right turns and finish with a right foot change.

Waltz Whisk

Man's foot position

Waltz Whisk man's part
 Whisk in Waltz - Man's foot position

Start position
1. Left foot forward
2. Right foot side
3. Left foot crosses behind right foot.

Whisk - Lady's foot position

Waltz Whisk lady's foot positions
 Whisk in Waltz - Ladies foot position

Rhythm - One, two, three
1. Right foot back
2. Left foot side, turning to promenade position
3. Right foot crosses behind left foot in promenade position.

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