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DanceSport in Olympics 2004?

IDSF President meets with IOC President and IOC Sports Director

On request of IDSF President Rudolf P. Baumann, a meeting was held in Lausanne on March 9th, 1999 with IOC President Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch and the IOC Sports Director Mr. Gilbert Felli. I deem it as a special favour for IDSF, that Mr. Samaranch found the time in his busy schedule to meet me in his office. And this just a week prior to the important IOC meeting in Lausanne from 16th till 20th of March.

My prepared documentation was a useful tool for discussion. It contained:

  • IDSF History, Achievements and Successes
  • IDSF Presidium, Structure, Member-List and legal seat of IDSF
  • List of the 40 NOC-Recognised IDSF Members
  • IMG/IDSF 11 years Joint Venture Contract 1998-2008
  • DanceSport, the perfect Contribution within the Olympic Program
  • IDSF Application for inclusion in the Olympic Games 2004

Together with enclosures such as:

  • IDSF Member-List
  • IDSF Guidelines
  • IDSF Commissions
  • IDSF Championships 1999
  • Brochure „DanceSport the perfect Telesport"
  • IMG/IDSF DanceSport promotion tape 1998

After viewing the TV-tape, Mr. Samaranch expressed his support and goodwill for DanceSport. The acceptance for IDSF DanceSport to be included in the Games 2008 seems to be a reality. I expressed my view, that a waiting period of 9 years - for an International Sports Federation which fulfils all requirements - would be a very long time for IDSF and that this would hinder our rapid development.

I am sure, the IOC President shared my vision on this matter and recommended to undertake some steps within the very near future to enable a possible inclusion into the Games of 2004 in Athens. The door seems to be still open. All I can say is, that I must intensify my lobbying campaign. You must also be aware, that a long queue of other Sports Federations are waiting outside the door. I left the house of IOC with great confidence and I hope to reach our goal together with the support and goodwill of the IOC leadership.

Let me express on this occasion my sincere thanks to Mr. Samaranch and Mr. Felli for their continued co-operation with the IDSF. I can assure them, that millions of DanceSport Athletes are looking forward to be included in the Olympics!

On March 18th, 1999, I will attend the ARISF General Meeting and on March 2oth the IOC/ASOIF Meeting. Both events will take place in Lausanne.

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