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CADA Olympic Committee

CADA Establishes Standing Olympic Committee

At our 1996 Annual General Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario, the Canadian Amateur Dancers Association (CADA) established the CADA Olympic Committee as a Standing Committee of CADA's Board of Directors, both to oversee our application for membership in the Canadian Olympic Association and to guide Canadian DanceSport's integration into that body and the Olympic movement generally.

The CADAOC consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary as they are elected from time to time.

The Committee has now begun the lengthy work necessary to prepare Canadian athletes to form a Canadian Olympic DanceSport Team for DanceSport's hoped-for entry in the 2008 Summer Games.

This process, like the Games and the Olympic culture generally, is a complex one requiring a great deal of work and cooperation. It will not occur overnight and will not be accomplished without real effort and attention to many details. It is for this reason that we are starting early.

Through its membership in the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF), which is the organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the world representative of DanceSport, CADA has the responsibility to deal with these questions in Canada. The CADA OC's initiative at this time follows our 1999 Annual General Meeting's adoption of the principles set out in IDSF's December, 1998 publication, "GUIDELINES -- Recommendations for National IDSF-Members", which is available at IDSF's Home Page at: in the section headed "Media".

Working in consultation with the Canadian Olympic Association, the Committee will proceed under three broad headings: first, full integration into the Olympic Movement generally; second, developing, qualifying and selecting a proposed Canadian Olympic DanceSport Team; and third, developing, qualifying and selecting proposed Canadian Olympic DanceSport Coaches and Judges. Systems will be proposed and developed in order to ensure fairness to all and consistency with IDSF and IOC standards, and with the broader movement toward the IOC's cultural goal of developing "Olympism" generally.

Through the Committee, CADA proposes to consult and work with all stakeholders in the DanceSport community; competitors, officials, trainers, coaches and judges are all members of this group. In CADA's view, this initiative is a new building activity that we are all doing together.

The Committee welcomes submissions by e-mail, or in writing, to this address:

Jim Fraser
President and Director CADA
Representative to the Canadian Olympic Association
Member IDSF Presidium
200-4603 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C.
Canada V5H 4M4
e-mail: E-mail:

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