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No doubt, you’ve seen some form of square dancing and found it fascinating to watch, to say the least. There are a couple of widely recognized forms of square dancing. The traditional square dance and the modern western square dance.

Both of these forms are considered a folk dance and the name comes from couples being organized into the shape of a square. If you’re already excited, you should be. Square dancing creates a synergy between the two people in the couple as well as the other sets of couples who form the square. The basic steps are not difficult to learn although some people do have a bit of a challenge keeping up with all the couples.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of square dancing is that you don’t have to decide what step to do next. This is because the dance movements are called out clearly for everyone to hear. Put these calls into the context of the music that’s playing and you’re setting yourself up to fall in love with square dancing for the first time or all over again time after time.

If you are someone who appreciates tradition in your dance square dancing is for you. The concept of square dancing is based on one step equaling a count and with as few as four counts or as many as 32 counts in a call. This type of variety is exciting for the dancers who have to listen carefully because they never know what to expect. This also keeps the dancing interesting and never boring, to say the least. Ready for a little more excitement in the mix? There are some differences between the two types of square dancing when it comes to the calls.

One type may require you to “doe-see-doe” your partner to the right while the other style may dictate turning them to the left. It means it pays to know where you’re dancing and which type is used and recognized in that area. You’ll enjoy each call more thoroughly and be able to keep step with your partner and other couples with ease.

What gets many people excited is the rhythm of many different types of music that is played for square dancing. Country music, Irish music and western music all take place and are played regularly for square dancing. Some refer to this type of music as old time tunes because it combines delightful sounds from music of long ago into beats you can square dance to.

If you’ve never tried square dancing, you owe it to yourself to get on the dance floor with a partner and enjoy a few basic lessons to get a feel of how it goes. You’re certain to fall in love with this dancing form that lets you take to the floor and receive excellent calls from the announcer on how to swing your partner next. There are no special skills you have to have to get into square dancing, just the desire to learn and the time to invest in this lovable dance form.

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