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Tango Syllabus

Tango International Standard Ballroom Syllabus

  • Bronze
    • Back corte
    • Closed promenade
    • Natural promenade turn
    • Natural twist turn
    • Open promenade
    • Open reverse turn, partner in line, closed finish
    • Open reverse turn, partner outside, open or closed finish
    • Progressive link
    • Progressive side step
    • Progressive side step reverse turn
    • Rock turn
    • Rocks on RF and LF
    • Walks
  • Silver
    • Back open promenade
    • Brush tap
    • Fallaway promenade
    • Four step
    • Four step change
    • Outside swivels
    • Promenade link
  • Gold
    • Basic reverse turn (IDTA: bronze)
    • Chase
    • Contra check
    • Drop or tilt oversway (IDTA)
    • Fallaway four step
    • Fallaway reverse and slip pivot (IDTA: common figure)
    • Five step
    • Mini five step (IDTA)
    • Oversway

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