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Foxtrot Syllabus

Foxtrot International Standard Ballroom Syllabus

  • Bronze
    • Basic Weave
    • Change of direction
    • Closed impetus
    • Feather step
    • Natural turn
    • Natural weave (IDTA: silver)
    • Reverse turn and feather finish
    • Three step
  • Silver
    • Closed telemark
    • Hover cross (IDTA: gold)
    • Hover feather
    • Hover telemark
    • Natural telemark
    • Open impetus
    • Open telemark and feather ending
    • Open telemark, natural turn, outside swivel and feather ending
    • Quick natural weave (IDTA)
    • Quick open reverse (IDTA)
    • Reverse pivot (IDTA)
    • Reverse wave (IDTA: bronze)
    • Top spin
    • Weave from PP
  • Gold
    • Back feather
    • Bounce fallaway with weave ending (ISTD)
    • Curved feather
    • Curved three step (IDTA)
    • Extended reverse wave (IDTA)
    • Fallaway reverse, slip pivot
    • Natural hover telemark
    • Natural twist turn (IDTA: silver)
    • Natural zig zag from PP

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Instructional Foxtrot Dance Videos


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