Dance Syllabus

Jive International Latin Syllabus

  • Bronze
    • American spin
    • Basic in place
    • Change of hands behind the back
    • Change of places L to R
    • Change of places R to L
    • Chasses to L & R
    • Fallaway rock
    • Fallaway throw away (IDTA: silver)
    • Kick ball change (IDTA: silver)
    • Left shoulder shove (ISTD)
    • Link & link rock
    • Walks
    • Whip
    • Double cross whip (IDTA)
    • Reverse whip
    • Rolling off the arms (IDTA: gold)
    • Spanish arms (IDTA: gold)
    • Stop and go (IDTA: gold)
    • Whip throwaway
    • Windmill (IDTA: gold)
    • Change of places (R to L) with ladies double spin (IDTA: silver)
    • Chicken walks
    • Curly whip (IDTA: silver)
    • Flicks into breaks (ISTD)
    • Overturned change of places (L to R) (IDTA: silver)
    • Simple spin (ISTD)
    • Toe heel swivels (ISTD)


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