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Jive is the faster version of the swing. Dancers use a more bouncy type movement using the balls of the feet a lot. A lot of kicks are used in jive.

Jive is an American dance that evolved from a dance called the Jitterbug by removing the lifts and acrobatic elements. The Boogie, Rock & Roll and the American Swing also influenced this dance.

Jive is a very fast, energy-consuming dance. It is the last dance danced at the competitions.

The Jive is danced to music written in 4/4 time. The same time value (6 beats in 4/4 time) is used for single, double or triple jive. The difference in rhythm is determined by the number of steps, according to the speed of music.

Jive Basic (double)

Man's foot position

jive double or double time swing steps
Jive double or double time Swing Steps
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Rhythm - Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick

Jive Basic triple

Man's foot position

The footwork to Triple Swing is the same as Jive.

triple jive or triple swing steps
Triple Swing or Jive
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Rhythm - Quick a quick, quick a quick, quick, quick.

The lady's steps are the opposite, starting on her right foot.


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