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What happens if there are many couples and preliminary rounds have to be run?

One of the duties of the Chairperson of the Adjudicators is to decide how many couples will be called back to the next round (using the rules as set forth by the N.D.C.A. guidelines). Generally, at least half of the couples must be recalled.

Once the Chairperson relates the number of couples to be recalled to the Master of Ceremonies, who announces the number to the adjudicators, the preliminary round judging takes place.

The adjudicators do not place couples in order of merit - this is saved for the final round. They simply write down the couples they would like back in the next round.

When judging a final round, the adjudicators may not tie any couples for any place for any dance. The adjudicators must place all the couples in order of merit during the final round.

The only exception to the rule is when there is only one couple dancing in a category (dancing uncontested). When a couple is dancing uncontested, they are being judged against a standard (certain level of quality in a particular standard of dance). A couple may be placed in second or third place. The placement depends if they dance up to the level of quality and expectation of an adjudicator.

If more than one couple is one the dance floor, judging is done using the method called impression judging. Couples are compared with other couples. Depending on the like and dislikes of the adjudicator, each makes a decision based upon a comparison of competing couples.

One other rule to remember is that you are always judged by an odd number of adjudicators. You only have to convince most of the adjudicators how good you are in order to win a dance competition.

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