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 Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph. D.

About Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph. D.

Dr. L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
 L. Lee Coyne, Ph.D.
Dr. L. Lee Coyne is an exercise physiologist and nutrition consultant. Dr. Coyne is a former professor of exercise physiology and nutrition at the Universities of Calgary, Manitoba, Toledo and Michigan. A former fitness consultant to Canada's National Hockey Team, the National Alpine Ski Team and numerous other high caliber athletes. Lee currently works with selected Canadian Olympic Speed Skaters and Canadian Olympic Biathletes. His son was a member of the Canadian Biathlon Team for 8 years and is now a full time coach.

He has assisted the following in attaining their personal goals: Tanya Dubnicoff, Olympic Cyclist; Michelle Morton, Olympic speed skater; several Olympic biathletes, skiers and hockey players and Mr. Jamie Clarke of Calgary, the successful leader of the 1997 Mount Everest Expedition.

Lee conducted research and consulted in areas of exercise, sport, fitness and nutrition for employee health programs and for sport programs for many years. He left University teaching in 1981 to devote his time to nutrition and fitness lecturing, counselling, and writing throughout North America.

His writing appears regularly in the Calgary Sun and a bi-monthly magazine "Impact". His books include "Fat Won't Make You Fat", "The Sports Nutrition Coaches Handbook" and "Nutrition Symptomatology, the consumers handbook". He has also produced numerous video presentations and educational audio albums.

Lee conducts workshops and seminars all over North America and is a frequent guest on radio and television.

Dr. Coyne is also the creator of the "Lean Seekers Nutritional Coaching Program" that trains individuals on a "Better Balanced Diet" as a way of eating for better health and weight management.

He is President the Institute of Contemporary Nutrition and the author and designer of the self counselling "Sports Nutrition Coach" program currently used by many high performance athletes.

Lee is available for speaking engagements and seminars on Sports Nutrition, Nutrition and Weight Management and Nutrition for the Diseases of the 90's.

For more information on Lee's seminars, video tapes and other educational materials you may contact Lee through Fish Creek Publishing at 1-800-668-4042 or E-mail or visit his website LeanSeekers Nutrition Coaching

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