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Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion DVD

Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion
 Irish Button Accordion
John Williams is a virtuoso on both concertina and two-row button accordion. His video teaches basics like holding the accordion, first scales, bass notes, chords, arpeggios, scales in triplets, waltz rhythm and more, plus five traditional Irish tunes: Oro (Se Do Bheatha Bhaile), Saddle The Pony, Napoleon Crossing The Rhine, Sporting Nellie, and Sally Gardens. Includes booklet.

Level 1. 70 mins.
DVD - All Region.

Tex-Mex Accordion DVD

Tex-Mex Accordion
 Tex-Mex Accordion
Artist: Flaco Jimenez and Tim Alexander. With special guest Max Baca on bajo sexto. Beginners can now learn the spicy music of the border country as played on the popular three-row button accordion. Phrase-by-phrase instruction teaches arpeggios, scales, grace notes, trills and other devices to help make authentic 'Norteno' music. Songs include classics such as : La Paloma Viva Seguin La Tuna and others.  Includes music & diagrams.

Accordion Styles and Techniques DVD

Accordion Styles and TechniquesArtist: Joey Miskulin. This top Nashville session player teaches and demonstrates important accordion techniques ('breathing,' phrasing, bellows shakes, vibrato etc.) plus rhythm, fills and leads for a variety of songs and instrumentals. Anyone interested in Cajun, Tex-Mex, Polka, cowboy or other styles will find this a wonderful and challenging way to delve into the instrument and discover its many possibilities.

Level 3. Includes music + Tab.
80 mins.

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion DVD 1 - Starting Out

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion Video 1 - Starting OutThe one-row button accordion creates the defining sound that drives the waltzes and two-steps beloved by enthusiasts of Cajun music. Dirk Powell's step-by-step approach makes it easy to start playing immediately. He teaches how to hold the instrument, use the bellows, find the notes, and play 'double' (octaves) - the essence of the Cajun style. Includes detailed instruction for playing some of the most popular Cajun dance tunes: La valse de quatre-vingt-dix-neuf ans (The 99 Year Waltz) The High Point Two-Step Johnny Can't Dance.

Level 1.  70 mins.

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion VHS or DVD 2 - Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion Video 2 Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

The accordionist in the popular Cajun band Balfa Toujours takes his exploration of the instrument beyond the basics. Dirk Powell covers topics such as ornamentation, syncopation, phrasing, anticipating the bellows changes, creating rhythmic effects and many other techniques to get a real hot Cajun sound. The songs covered on this lesson include: The Wafus Two-Step Lafayette Playboy Waltz Hick's Wagon Wheel Special Dimanche apres-midi (Sunday Afternoon).

Level 3.  70 mins.
VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)

Learn to Play Cajun Accordion - 2 VHS Set

With Christine Balfa, guitar and vocals. Complete Two-Tape Series. See descriptions directly above.

VHS - NTSC Format Only (Canada & USA)

Learn to Play Irish Concertina DVD

Learn to Play Irish Concertina In this easy beginner's DVD, John Williams explains the fundamentals of the 20 or 30 key Anglo concertina: how to hold the instrument, use the keys, bellows and air button and how to move beyond the basic C and G scales.

He teaches five tunes in note-for-note detail: Oro (Se Do Bheatha Bhaile), Jimmy Ward's Jig, The Kesh Jig, Bobby Casey's Jig, Last Night's Fun.

Includes music and tab. 65 mins.

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