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Sexting: Sex plus Text equals Trouble DVD plus CD

Sexting: Sex plus Text equals Trouble DVD plus CD
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Includes a DVD and a CD-Rom with a complete lesson plan.

Sexting is a combination of sex and text messaging. Junior High and High School students demonstrate the threat of "sexted" sexually explicit or suggestive photographs, messages and videos.

Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting consequences affecting a teenager's personal, social and future life. Follow students through a variety of sexting situations stemming from careless fun to cyberbullying along with their painful effects.

Includes: Video program plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources; addresses the threat of sending sexual cyber content, and the irreversible consequences; covers present social issues that result from modern day technology; and content written and reviewed by a team of professionals, including counselors, psychologists and educators.

Also includes Full Public Performance Rights and same quality video content and extensive ancillary material as our award-winning Teaching Systems programs.

Grade Level: 7 - 12.
30 mins. (2011)

Sex Education



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