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Conflict Management DVDs

Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Program

Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Program
Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Program

This conflict-management curriculum is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. Designed around Kelso the Frog, an appealing hand puppet, this program offers nine options students can choose from to resolve conflicts.

The Complete Curriculum Includes: Leader's Guide, Willow Pond Storybook, Kelso In Action DVD, Kelso Puppet, 5 Full-Color Posters, and Kelso's Conflict Resolution Counseling Ball.

- Leader’s Guide: This core program consists of 14 developmentally appropriate lessons with extension activities for follow-up and review. The scope and sequence of the lessons are flexible and can be adapted to your needs. Also included are reproducible masters, as well as letters about the program for parents. Includes a CD to make it even easier to print out reproducibles!
- Willow Pond Storybook: A beautifully illustrated storybook that brings Kelso and his friends to life. Features five stories highlighting choices that resolved conflicts.
- Kelso In Action DVD: See Kelso’s choices in action! Short, true-to-life vignettes — five for grades K-2 and five for grades 3-5 — help students see how kids use Kelso’s choices to solve everyday problems.
- Kelso Puppet: A handsome, 14" puppet that looks exactly like the character found throughout the components of the program!
- Full-Color Posters: Five giant 23" x 34" full-color posters featuring Kelso’s nine problem-solving solutions.
- Kelso’s Conflict Resolution Counseling Ball: Highlight key lessons taught throughout the Kelso curriculum by throwing this 8", latex-free ball to players and challenging them to respond to statements such as “Use an I-message to tell someone how you feel” and “Talk about what makes a problem big.”

Grade Level K-5.
20 mins. (2007)

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